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There to receive the we will never stop striving until every hero lost in. The Korean war is Ohio, state's head football coach urban Meyer has been put on paid administrative leave amid questions of what he knew, about, domestic abuse allegations. Against one of the teams assistant coaches CBS's Don daler has details school's investigating claims admires wife knew about domestic abuse allegations against. Assistant coach Zac. Smith in two thousand fifteen Smith was fired last week Smith's ex wife. Says she told Myers wife about the. Abuse in two thousand fifteen and she believes Meyer knew. About it buyer claims he did not a manhunt underway in Texas for a suspect in last month's shooting death of an acclaimed cardiac surgeon. Who treated president George H W Bush Houston police chief art osservato says. The man they're looking for is sixty two year. Old Joseph Papa dangerous she's armed he's capable and of you spot him, call nine one one have, you seen them At, any time. The last couple of days please. Call nine one one right away police believe is held. A grudge against doctor house can act after his. Mother died during surgery more than twenty years ago Iran is beginning a large unscheduled military exercise, in the Persian Gulf CBS's David Martin says it. Could further inflame relations with the US exercise appears to include a scenario for closing the strait of Hormuz which is a vital chokepoint. At the mouth of the, Persian, Gulf through which a dozen or more oil tankers pass each day Iran is. Conducting, exercises like. This in, the past but never at this time year futures down twelve. This.

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