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I near eighty eight degrees looking ahead to the weekend. It looks like a mix sun and clouds on both Saturday and Sunday Sunday, possibly a thunderstorm more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation. And the Jimenez is our service aide. Sarah Miller is at the editor's editor's desk and I'm Brian Britain. Spews Trenton. Wins you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world giving Eighty-three degrees fair skies at nine o'clock on this Wednesday August eight on Paul James here's what's, happening the city council votes to cap the number of four. Hire drivers in the city our Juliet Papa we'll have. Details a murder suicide at a hospital in Westchester ten ten wins reporter Carol, Diori will have that. A new development in the federal corruption case against former Nassau County executive man ghetto and his. Wife officials had rider university of New. Jersey say they have heard the complaints and are upgrading the dorms With a calling for a shower, thunderstorm in spots early otherwise partly cloudy warm and sticky overnight Eusler at the, end of two the Yankees lead the. White Sox sixty. Two sickening grand. Slam for Giancarlo Stanton the Mets shut. Out the reg today eight to nothing I'm Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg stocks turned in a. Mixed. Performance midweek trading the crude oil futures. Fell more than three percent today wins news time nine oh one from. The ramtruck traffic center here's Cardiff, Falco, delays on the northbound, side of the Garden State Parkway we've got construction between exits one forty four and. One forty nine right lane blocked off and he got brake lights clear through the same area then things are going to be so on the westbound side. Of the cross Bronx as you make your way from grand concourse.

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