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The coming of the great American coming elections the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson live from Los Angeles and we're gonna talk to the Reverend Jesse Lee in Los Angeles about what's happening in that once great city what's happening in the protest what's happening to the homeless situation how bad is LAPD listen in the media it's the worse organization ever Eric Garcetti the Democrats have been in charge for most of the past fifty years and I also had a lynching so to speak out there but according to medical experts it was a suicide may do a format racial division so we'll see what the investigation occurs what goes on from there and he's coming up next but you know Jennifer Arbor serwis of independent women's law center brought up the point about unions in about two or three hours ago I was listening to the district attorney in Fulton County which is Atlanta Paul Howard and he's been in office twenty three years which is a very long time of course is an African American liberal as a defender viewpoint about law enforcement the city of Atlanta has been controlled by Democrats for a hundred and fifty years you can't find a Republican and a lan or foreign county with a search warrant they don't exist so whatever systemic racism or institutional racism exist in a land in Fulton County it's completely in charge of the Democratic Party which has always been the case whether it was the confederacy or complex plan or lynchings the Democrats are always behind that and the statues all over the south are largely due to the to the Democrats and now once again the Democrats are in charge of Atlanta and Fulton County where on the murder of a rape charge Brooks took place on Friday night but he made a point that in just twenty three years in office Fulton County DA Paul Howard has had about thirty nine cases involving police misconduct in the past twenty three years and of those eight involved at the wrongful killing of someone this will be the ninth if on Wednesday officer Garrett Ralph likely will be in indicted for either a felony murder or voluntary manslaughter he made the point that unions are the major difficulty and one of the softball interview interviews from MSNBC about seven or eight o'clock eastern time he spoke about the fact that the only push back you get Sir from the unions for the less than one percent of cops that are bad cops one cents another probably the percentage a good cops and the law enforcement exceeds the number of good lawyers are good talk show host are good producers are good punchers bankers good plumbers good whatever it is good politicians but the a one percent or less the causes problems for the other ninety nine percent but he made the point the same one that was made by my previous guest of from the independent women's law center and that is that is Jennifer made the point that unions are the major problem of course the unions give money to the Democrats so they have to draw water from both well stay tuned for more coming up next live Los Angeles will be Jesse.

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