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Now we know that I think there's 232 bridges of the gambling rules if you want to as a player you can not bet money on games that even if your team is not playing, but on football matches in general to be the idea is that you're privy to certain information. Exactly. That you could get access to. And 230 is a lot. This is a lot. And this is not looking good for antoni to start with. And now maybe you understand a bit more why you didn't make the England squad when I think a lot of us agree that just on pure talent and performances on the pitch, he probably deserved to. What I don't understand about this is, right? When you're was it peterborough he was at before, but before Brentford, and I think my understanding is that when a lot of these bets took place, right? Once you're in the Premier League, once you're doing well, once you're established, why not come clean? Might not say like guys, I did this, I might have broken a rule. Rather than have them come to you. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, maybe. That is not the smartest thing. No, that's true. As we mentioned, gab the World Cup kicks on kicks off sorry on Sunday with host Qatar facing Ecuador and you won't be the only Italian in the stadium. No, the referee Daniel or Sato won the China as well as will of course, I think both assistance and possibly the fourth official too. Look, we're not so good at getting to world cups by playing football. We do a slightly better job by refereeing football games. Yeah, that's good. Exactly. Take what you can. Lionel Messi caused a minor panic earlier today by not showing up to the pitch. But it's okay because now we know that he trained his own in the gym. No reason to worry, right? No, and he was not the only one, by the way, offered for me it's been a hunting I was saying like in the WhatsApp group that we have well, things like that happen. You know, there's nothing to worry about. I want to believe them. I really hope so. And we also saw when hunting arrived here in Qatar and went to the hotel and where they're going to be staying for the whole tournament. Everybody was sharing rooms. I think the Maria and Perez are together, something like that. But then Messi had only his name on his door. So he's a bit like you, right? He's the only one I share. You're my messy basically. And he already has its benefits. That's so good. Former FIFA, vice president Jack Warner has lost his appeal and will be extradited to the United States to stand trial. Garvey, this is a big deal. Yeah, for those who watch the FIFA documentary. Which I think is out on Netflix. That's right. Not FIFA plus, I believe, right? I don't think so. You know, he is one of the villains of that era with him, chuck blazer. And so on. The FBA was part of the big part of the FBI investigation. Of course, chuck blazer helped inform on him the late chuck blazer. He fought extradition for a long time. Now the feds are into him. Now it gets, it gets interesting because I think we don't know which way it's going to go, but I do wonder whether we might see something where maybe there's a plea deal or something. Maybe he reveals more stuff about I don't want to name names, but maybe certain people who is there more people to get dragged into this from him. Do you think I've always for fathers? Some people who may be cut a deal of their own with the feds and maybe Jack Warner might take this opportunity to call them out. Or maybe not. Maybe not. Brazil maker debut against Serbia and marquinhos had some revealing things to say about Neymar. Yeah, I thought so Gabby came up in the pressure on Thursday. And basically said, how much I know I know name, he's my brother. We so close. Everything said, I can see how ready it is for this workup. How focused, how committed? And he said he said the line that was very interesting, I thought, especially knowing Markey as well. He said he's changed his lifestyle. He's changed the life kind of outside of football, which really, if you read between the lines, he's like, there's less partying. This late maybe gaming late and that kind of stuff, less of his sister's birthday. I don't know, but I don't know exactly what, but I think this is it. This is like a 30 years old now, is the maturity that we see from Neymar also comes from the fact that he's as maybe a lot of the things that he was done at a younger age. And I think to get ready for this World Cup, which was always going to be the objective of the season. And his first half of the season was like, okay, now I'm going to put everything on my side to make sure that I arrived on my best in Qatar. And that's why he's done. For in terms of in terms of highs, I don't know, but in terms of consistency, this might be the best three, four months that he's had. Certainly since he wouldn't have PSG, maybe including his time at Barcelona. Yes, he's the 1415 season. This is the best we've ever seen him. Report is reportedly in proposition for the weekend athletic job after his own brother Yaya Toure reportedly turned it down, gab, he will be the first African manager in English football league. I think it's a big deal because when you think about we've already had several generations of players from Africa coming to Europe, excelling, excelling for their leadership skills and so on. Hanging around color tour, of course, did very well as an assistant coach for a number of years. I think whenever you have first like this, I think it is relevant. And I think what I liked about collateral is you had the humility to come in work as an assistant workers way in. And I think this opens doors. Hakim ziya scored a wonder goal for Morocco against Georgia. Jules, this was from inside. Oh yeah. It's beautiful. Should we take Morocco a little bit more seriously now that he's back in the mix? And could cut her be a turning point for him? Well, let's see, let's see, I mean, he's hardly played, let's be honest decision we wanted together why he stayed up Chelsea considering that he knew and we all knew that he was not going to play much. So this could be one of the breath of fresh air to a platform to showcase his talent for moving January, which is very, very possible. And three in terms of Morocco is a top group, but I think they've got a really talented squad, a young squad, a new manager who I think understands this team much better than could fight before him. They lost amen Harriet, which is a big blow, of course, huge blow that injury. In the Martin Monaco game terrible news for him again, we mentioned that in the last show, but I would like them. I really would like them to qualify for the last 16. I think this is a really good generation. And they would have support here. That's for sure like Tunisia. Of course, I just imagined miss out. But I think if they were to qualify, hacking the idea, she's going to have to play a big part in this. Push a game changer. Juventus are linked with a January move for Hector bellerin. I mean, can you help me out on this one? Please. I'm assuming it's based on the fact that ballerin doesn't play much for Barcelona.

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