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Raining I mean I really found myself trying to dig myself out of the hole and then I discovered German chocolate cake and then I can make it and so I hope the whole better about the whole thing so now yeah I want to play something because people who have not seen you live might know might not know just how amazing you are I've seen I've seen you live probably five or six times at this point and and you know what are you doing you're a musician and you're stuck at home to how are you keeping yourself occupied right now it it's so hard isn't it you know I think the unknown is hard for all of us but I try to kind of be a little bit more philosophical about business trying just trying to remind myself that you know even in the we still have choices I think but I think we all feel so helpless sure and my counselor reminded me that you still have a choice you have a choice of who you want to be when you wake up are you going to be sad and depressed and and bombs and Eli chocolate cake today absolutely back to back the choice and that's OK there's nothing wrong with that but you can also have like a list of things that make you happy things that make you bring you joy even just getting out and getting a breath of fresh air or sunshine on your face for ten minutes are you know baking that cake that gives you happiness you know if you have choices and that that can help me in and then I like to do puzzles and I'm my kind of like really good at it and I can do without them he's puzzle in one day really it's bad it's a I'm obsessed with it so I don't do it that often because I know that like I will I'll just lose the whole day I was like twenty four hours but I've been doing lately my family and I I have my daughter is a singer songwriter she plays guitar and I have two nieces were singers and we've been doing these are that there's an app called archipelago where one person starts the song and then send it to the next person and then they put their card on and then you send it to the next person and it's really fun select were all separate but we we end up making this one project together I put a bunch of them up on my a page fun thank goodness for Facebook memories right bring a bad concert I I have a reminder I think I just re posted it because I shared it because on it was I did I was on tour in England at the end of July of two thousand nineteen and we were in Gateshead which is northern England's right below Scotland new castle in Scotland area and we we got to sing with the choir and so we're in the huge effective but if we're in the San Diego convention center in the whole lobby area I liked and it was packed with people and we did Hallelujah and everybody sang I have the where with all to start my Facebook live which is amazing because it's bad really bad internet she worked and it was just like this magical moment so kind of reliving those things has helped me a little bit practicing guitar singing in the shower or singing it all day long driving my family crazy like that excellent so it now and you don't are you one of those of musicians who had to put tour dates on hold because of this I mean a lot of you know everybody you know you think of when you think of tourism you know it's like Taylor swift had to cancel and and beyond to have to cancel but you know for a for a musician like you're canceling is is a big deal it's huge and and every single musician I know like with instantly out of work and then now with the way of you know we just don't know how this is gonna go we're gonna hope we look back in a few months India they that's how it went but for now until there's the by a vaccine I'm pretty sure most people are gonna want to go out into a crowded area because it's so contagious and we you know we'll probably learn even more about it so everything will be gone most venues I I don't know how these venues or even that of the package I mean they survive on live music and live shows and and people coming in and out so it can be I usually don't tour until the summer because my son is is twelve you'll have the thirteen in a hundred birthday in quarantine I know thirteen he's in the seventh grade and so I went to the summer to do my touring so that I'm here I want to be here during the school year you know and and be supportive so I do like weekend John and you know out of town gate on a Saturday come back on a Sunday type of thing but but as far as like my big tour there yeah like twenty twenty one maybe people are talking twenty one twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two before they're going to start touring again all middle I don't want to hear that because I know too many musicians are going to be too broke I tell you what we have to take a really quick break I want to have you hold on for a second and we're gonna grab Jim sold as well because I want to talk to him one of my favorite people in Sharon white they're fabulous so that's on the way here on cocoa Harmon Roberts president trump predicts the nation's coronavirus death toll will reach as high as sixty five thousand so he's responding to calls to expand nationwide testing in the next few weeks will be sending out five point five million testing swabs governors business leaders and lawmakers have called on the president to expand testing before re opening the country the doctor Tony felt she warns testing has its limits because people can be infected immediately after in order to be really sure does have to.

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