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Ever Been Viking our so anyway. Amber Riley's coming up. You know her from glad you know her. She played effie in dreamgirls on the West and she's I. Mean Truly Truly I surely time what day and The whereas you've seen her, she's incredible. And she comes on, and it totally blew my mind as the powerful speaker. Yes, Mart, that's coming up and it's definitely a balanced like you know. We were able to find I think a lot of comedy and the tension of what's going on. Why don't I never say comedy intention when I never say that again, so let's just a couple of updates about storing touring ll Remember that remember Tory. Remember when I left my house. I miss torn so much I. The reason that I have not said anything about it is that I? Just don't know I changing I. Literally don't know every time we rescheduled the tour. Everything changes I don't want anyone sky grandmother to get sick because they came to one of my shows, a lot of the venues are making the calls here. People that work these are getting furloughed I. Mean it's it's devastating. It's a wild time. Thank you for your patients. They're always going to be updates on the websites. When you guys tax me I, really appreciate it three two. One eight. One eight two seven. what is it i? Don't know your number I. Don't take the. Two, three, nine, seven, five, two seven. I will try to respond Benton. You're going to send out. UPDATES today individually people on that so text on that and Benton's GonNa do. UPDATES by city. LOS ANGELES! The Largo shows those are postponed Huntington. New York was canceled, and these are not. I do not make these decisions We're GONNA. Find new venues to do. Montclair Jersey is canceled. San Francisco is canceled. We're GONNA move to a new venue. Indianapolis is canceled such a Bummer San Francisco. What's that I? Thought, that was saying okay. Sorry, that was the second show Miami out on August twenty second apparently in my Oklahoma. myemma sorry. It's been so confused I. If I can name it. It looks like we're doing that. On September Twenty Fourth Boston. Massachusetts October twenty, second. Manse mashantucket Connecticut. Connecticut, but is it Matt Mash Mash. What does it? Mashantucket. I've done that the Fox with so many times, and I still don't know become illiterate in the last three months. TOBER TWENTY-THIRD THAT'S HAPPENING! Nashville is happening November seventh. This is updated, right? From? Today ended off Atlantic. City November fourteenth is happening and spend Thanksgiving with me. Anaheim is happening. January Ninth Orlando January Sixteenth clearwater Florida. scientologists come through come through Seventeenth Minneapolis. January twenty so January. I'm doing a bunch dates Minneapolis doing two shows. It looks like on January. Twenty third at the pantages data, Ridgefield Connecticut, we're doing it February, fifth and six two shows Houston Texas. Yes, I mean Houston was the second show we canceled after Detroit remember. The first one by now Detroit, that's coming on, not Detroit Royal Oak. April sixteenth that's rescheduled. March Twentieth is Dallas Texas Chicago Illinois. April tenth two shows that night. CLEVELAND April Seventeenth. Sacramento coming out. You may fifteenth, and all this is on Whitney Cummings Dot Com. Yourself so sorry if you guys have been annoying and frustrating if you're not getting refunds, I'm trying I like I just I don't control all of that like I. Bear Bear I. Don't know where my headphones today like. This is tech spent. Okay do you have anything else? You need to say because we have. Her new merge. We have new merchant. I'll be honest. I've had shame about promoting march given everything that's going on in the world, but I'm holding. It is true, but we still have. It regardless keeps yelling at me that I'm not wearing it and we have new merge. It's for pride It's for charity. It's been doing the Black Trans and films in the Arts Fund. Can you say that again black Tran, but that's him. Fascinating Arts Faster. Five Times by fans have been that are found. By. that. You can get that store dot winning Comey's Dot Com. It's real good rookie. Ron Is we have this real cool? Hoodie you're wearing most you. Would turn around but it. Says gives engaged. For US engine. For you on the back of it, yeah, so the merchants all. We need to start doing blue light glasses, mercer do more masks merch. We're GONNA. Do some bad birch by popular demand. We'll have more merge cutting, but right now. That's not where we have in the future. We have this right now. Okay, please enjoy Amber Riley thank you bye..

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