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Epic in terms of what he's done so the fact that his father kind of. I think hurts a little bit because I'm sure he would have loved to have seen you know. have his father's see what he's done. He's achieved, but it was a really sweet moment I just I. I like how he's like I need I need makeup remover a need to get this shit off? Please someone, please which why? Why don't you travel with with with makeup remover all? All, have there, but you can go you go to CVS, and you can get the little neutrogena packets for like a dollar in you. Just there's five elementary, and you throw them in there, and you wipe it off and you're done. He doesn't need it. He has a whole. The all staff that volunteer take off the entertainers makeup I need to know I you have to do. It now no, so. Trying to think if there's anything else really stands out from this episode. That's super. That's about it. Oh yeah, the final. We need to talk about so at the end. It's very touching. They that they played all the sad country music. As you know, they always own. He's out there talking about people. They talk about. Brand Haryoko. Pseudo Mark Henry show Michael's AAA h and the Mayor Kane. American, mayor came Oh always be. The mayor came I find that relationship, really interesting and I would love to know more about it because I watch after this. CAIN interview with don't call currently going around watching it because amount of content, and so I wanted to watch it and remember to sell there so the way that cain talks about mark undertaker I don't know. Are we allowed to call him mark? Are we allowed to do that now? I don't know. Anyway the undertaker was absolutely instrumental in canes. Career always went to bat for him, and always defended him, and always stood up for him. Their work married basically, and so I kind of love that relationship in that dynamic between the two the way that they talk about each other 'cause taker taker I. think Really Really Really Likes Glenn, to shout him out twice, you know. And just to be given crap and everything, so I think he really likes him but I. Just I like that relationship, and how that dynamic is I want to see I would actually love to see the more like the two of them. Sit Down together into shoot. Shit would be amazing, but at least to me I know my else, but I would love to watch that, but yeah, this was. This was everything that you want you wanted in finale. The country music, which was troubadour by George Strait kicked you. You in the fucking feels so hard to so hard I cried my way through the ending of it, but as I keep saying, but yeah this if this is it if this is really it and he's done I'm sad that he's, but I'm also happy for him because it's obviously a decision that he has struggled with, and it means that he's no longer in pain, if it means that he gets to be happy and spend time with his family, and his daughters, and his son, and his wife and Enjoy all the fruits of his Labor so man. Go go live your life. Go enjoy yourself. Go do everything that you've kind of missed out on doing and just thank you. Just thank you for at least for me. Twenty years of memories and enjoyment and inspiration and everything I don't know if I would be a wrestling fan without the undertaker. That's the thing I think. He's kind of at one constant. That sort of kept me in the business like when everybody else left me, the undertake roster. How Sad! I give it. Every. I would fall in love with people, and then they would go away and it's like, but but but I love him. Bring him back. Where did he go in? There was always the undertaker. He was always there and I hope he writes a book I. Think that would be the one thing that I would love to see from him, is he does write a book and he talks about his life in his career. Like I know that I owe that we got this and this was such a wonderful introspection into him, and to see not only the undertaker, but to see. See Mark Calloway because he such I feel like the man behind. It is more mysterious than the actual character Ed for good reason because he's incredibly private, he has to be and so to get to see him to get to see his personality when he's really like and the fact that throughout the years in conversations and wondering that certain things are true that we were able to beg on him. It's like okay. All right cool got that right awesome. I think it was really neat. I think it was I. Actually think I like more calorie more than I like the undertaker. That wrong, but you're afraid like going. She was very, I was really afraid to see the person because. They always say you never wanNA. Meet your heroes right and the hardest thing is when you're. Heroes approved mortal, and you see what they're really light because you see them on TV and you make assumptions about them which you shouldn't do, but we all do it. You know in terms of based on what we see and I think I was really really scared that like they were gonNA show who he really was, and it's coming out. What if he's an asshole? Or what if he's a prick? What if he's you know? Super Creepy your grocer. The real story is what we've seen. We have talked about in our second segment. Yeah, Lake, you know what if he's done all these horrific things and He's not really ultimately what if he's not the person that everybody says that he is right? What if he's really just this horrible person? What am I gonNA do because it's like I have so much invested. In this human, being as a fan that it's like God if if we ever had cancel the undertaker, I don't know if I could do it. it's that serious, and so the fact that he wasn't that, and he just this at least from all appearances down to Earth, chill, smart ass, sarcastic Texas. Redneck who you just WanNa go have a beer with makes me. Me So happy. 'cause like I said I was afraid I was really afraid that my opinion of him was going to change, and it's like what if it changes for the worse like I'm glad at change for the better, because did change, but what if it changes for the worse? What if I don't like him after this when my supposed to do with my life? No not with my life, but like like what am I supposed to do? Brings his interact with the new day. That was great. That was amazing. That was so amazing I kind of want all the bureau footage of taker interacting with all the young guys 'cause. There was like a clip from last episode where he and I think we talked about it where he's like all these assholes were kids when I showed up and then says like. I wasn't talking about you. And Seth runs away but I. Just what Yeah I just want. Take her like I don't know I wanNA see like those interactions with the talent, and I wanna see I want more from this you know. which is sad and it's wrong, but. You, what the be roll your. What the side story rather than the main store. You WanNa see interaction with people you want to see him. Do other things and. You know I want the outtakes because I want him to drop an f-bomb any outtakes. Did at least twenty times. You mean other than the. Two words, yeah, other than words other than the two times that happen I want like the outtakes I just. You know just seeing somebody. Being natural that there's there's this fascination with till, not because we don't ever get to see it, but it's like this is. This is really cool that he opened his life up and his family up for us to see this and experience this because he didn't have to. You know I think the last time he did. It was in storyline in. It did not go well for him so the fact that he did do this. This time is not necessarily part storyline. And he let us see how he is with his wife. And his daughters and his family, and his friends, and find out who he's really close with, and he just gave us that like that's. That's really cool. Hopefully, really colon. If you missed, our recaps are available recreation show dot com where we broke down every single episode. Oh yeah, that was the other thing we missed He went down exte-..

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