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In Cleveland the clear articulation short notes, and of course, the precision and Utah intonation, he was just an equality of some of the individual players, as well really spoke to him so that when I remember I remember a few others of he he, he was not so interested in not specifically I. Remember taking some Benny Goodman. He loved Benny Goodman. And a few things he hadn't heard he was delighted by those. But. It was interesting to the thinks he would pick out because he was a record skied to. He had grown up in Minneapolis attending rehearsals of metropolis someone he revered. Of and the always encouraged me to seize of this particular metropolis recording remember the politics infancy one. He singled out as being a unique interpretation of the piece which it is. And how much she enjoyed that! complaining to certain, Minneapolis recordings to try to find because they were back then they were hard to find a. they're probably all online. So are do you listen with you? Listen to like historic records with a record player, or are you listening to the digital urgent well? It that that's a good question. I still I still have some vinyl, but when I moved from New, York City here I finally parted ways with a lot of my collection of I've been collecting records probably since about nineteen seventy eight and I had probably about three thousand vinyl LP's at least at number of CDs, and so that the thought of hangs, move them across. The country was. A little painful, so they stayed behind, and my tenant tolerated having. Stuck in boxes. And then when I sold the place last year. I decided I would go back and pick out the ones I absolutely could not replace the ones that I hadn't managed to download from some other source or weren't available for streaming site I. Did that and I gave the rest of? Incredible quantity away, so my listening a lot of it. In the meantime I had been part of some recording newsgroups where people exchange things. They taped off the radio so now I have a rifle of live performances. Of various things that I've chosen to collect not not all which I have time to listen to download them so when I'm like Oh. What Recordings Brahms? syfy number four, which is something I'm preparing right now. Who? Do I have in thirteen of them. They, all sound interesting. There's no I can hear them all. But as many of them are things, I I did not have previously either because they're alive or things I didn't bother to collect, and they're all fascinating so i. do have some vinyl. And I've actually bought a few new vinyl I bought the Beatles. I bought the new Sergeant Pepper online on. It's fantastic and. When I have time I do that, but a lot of hard drive stuff on headphones the also. I right before I moved to Colorado I was getting into like going to the store and looking all the finals and trying to find. Something old I think the coolest thing I found was a was a Schurenberg conducting bureau lunar, which I still haven't gotten a chance to sit down and listen to, but just like I just wanted to own bat. Yeah I had that record back in the day after. A veiled for streaming as well. I'm told Schurenberg was not a terribly effective conductor recently. Would have known that. That was a piece that I. I played it a few years ago here but that was one where I was called a lot as a last minute substitute for rehearsals and concerts that was very good sight reader, and that was one thing I got called to. Can you fill in? Somebody's it as a whole. I actually like I. I I think. They faxed me the music. That's how long ago. And practice that a loss because you cannot sight read that. It's very as I. I got through the dress rehearsal without destroying it. A very difficult piece to play, Wow! I'm wondering if we can actually Kinda, pick a piece, and then if you would walk us through a couple of different recordings, you have maybe talk about some specifics went sure what differs them just again. Really dig into the weeds. And then I want to make listening lists for myself to go off. And find them in here. All the shirt and we can continue to exchange ideas over email about recording to. Which is I? Mean I think you. You probably know your record collection more. Which piece would you? Would you be able to compare a couple all a really any standard work? Either Symphonic Concerto Could I mean I can always say pass if I don't know but. I know pretty well. I mean Beethoven five is the first one just. There is so many recordings of it, but you know maybe maybe maybe the since you're working on the Brahms, maybe. Maybe fourth well I would start with two. Max fiedler, who conducted of in front of Brahms has as recording Lebron's four and I think. Everybody should hear it because nobody makes music this way anymore. It's just. A type of a musical flow that it really doesn't exist where. The tempo is always flowing in one direction or another nowadays when people talk about robotics, we talk about where we're slowing down, hesitating pausing but Max fiedler and the conductors of his generation. It also meant flowing forward at faster, sometimes to quite remarkable degree, and I'm not talking about the code of the first words, almost traditional speed up a little bit but where it starts quite slowly at the beginning like Oh, my goodness! We're going to be here a while, and then it just gets really gets going. Then it pulls way back and each team just seems to find tempo in which rest and once you're not being jarred by it. It's quite. It's quite remarkably convincing to me. But if you've never heard the style of music making. It, it's easy to like okay. That's crazy like nobody would ever do that, but it's this is someone who again worked at Brahms's presence in had his approval, and he also recorded the Second Symphony, and at least one of the piano concertos and a few things. So that and also Felix Weingartner who also was old enough to have been around Brahms in who worked in Vienna, so they almost certainly must have crossed paths at some point in and vine, gardener, whose name probably familiar to hopefully because he wrote the book about Beethoven Cetera was a student of Franz Liszt as a pianist, so he was, he was Very distinguished musician and his bronze fourth is on Youtube among other places. Of is very different from Max feeders. It's much more contemporary sounding. It's very swift. A! Brahms recording temples are quite fast. And But it's it's also just it's wonderfully contemporary sound and compared to Max there and yet here conductors of fairly similar generation, so those I just think are really important recordings by people who lived in the nineteenth century, and lived long enough to to make records so That's those were those are unmissable Brahms fourths. Ob. Is it contemporary in that? It's in that the bottle in the tempo is something that we would expect more now. Vine Gartner It. Yes to that extent. What's different about it is that it's generally swifter than what it what we would expect for most people now. It's a it's a much more. He's what I would call more organic interpreter of these in other. Let's the natural flow of the pulse. Ganic style music making me think of Toscanini. George Sell. These kind of conductors were as villars what I. Call Interventionist. Interventionist style conductors. Stokowski for.

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