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Welcome back to jim bohannon show as we talk with ken kuching la he's the president of the senate conservatives fund and the former virginia attorney general general a signatory to the right on crime statement of principles and senate conservatives dot com is the website now then what exactly is in this bill that is being considered question jim so three years ago the bureau of prisons for their own reasons really clamped down on the ability of volunteers to work in prisons and there's fifty million dollars associated with the programs in this bill and that's a lot of money to me but it's only about three hundred seventy dollars per federal inmate and the goals of the rehabilitation reentry won't be achieved unless volunteers are let back in the federal prisons in significant numbers and so one of the big things this bill does is reopened those doors to volunteers and louie gohmert congressman from texas also got an amendment to the bill to make sure that volunteers who are with faith based organizations are not discriminated against which was believed to have been done in the past at various points and and that opens a massive the number of resources all over the country to come in to federal prisons and and opens the doors to make that happen and that's absolutely critical because the federal government simply can't do this by themselves either financially nor in terms of manpower and i would note sadly the bureau of prisons has a corporate culture that doesn't believe the people that they are keeping our for any purpose other than warehousing and keeping off the streets they do not have a a mentality that seeks to improve these folks and i i wish i didn't have to say that but that's just the reality and so unless you bring people in from the outside you lose that opportunity another thing that happens into the example of the bureau prisons in legislation from twelve years ago congress directed the bureau prisons to give fifty four days per year of good time credit for for those inmates to earn it they have to earn good time credits and somehow or another the bureau prisons managed to.

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