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Coulter. A house panel debated paying it forward for African Americans to make up for passan's of slavery and race discrimination, CBS's, Bill Rakoff reports Democrats, like Representative Sheila jackson-lee of Texas, say the issue should be an easy, one, reparations, and the idea of this commission should be welcomed by all Americans Republican, Mike Johnson of Louisiana doesn't support HR forty the reason for that. Listen, wait a minute. The reason for that is a legal question. The federal government, can't cost usually provide compensation today to a specific racial group, because other members of that group, maybe several generations ago, were discriminated against and treated humanely. Bill Rakoff, CBS news, Washington, no change in interest rates today, but the Federal Reserve signalled possible rate cuts of as much as half a percentage point of the rest of the year in response to increase economic uncertainty. In dropping expected inflation, then chairman Jerome Powell while the baseline outlook remains favorable the question is, whether these uncertainties will continue to weigh on the outlook and those call for additional monetary policy accommodation, despite increasingly urgent warnings from scientists on climate change. The Trump administration is rolling back, a landmark Obama era effort to win the US off coal-fired power plants EPA chief Andrew Wheeler. We're here today because the American public elected president with a better approach. Coach today. We're filling his directive as a lawyer Wheeler had lobbied against Obama, environmental regulations. The UN is recommending an investigation into Saudi Arabia's crown prince, for the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi, an independent human rights expert concluded there is credible evidence linking Mohammed bin Salman to the brutal killing Lawrence Korb with the center for American progress. If we have an unbiased investigation we will realize that he was involved, and that he bears responsibility for this whole episode. Bee.

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