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Rid of tendencies forever It can forever and that's, called the synchronized it doesn't work on all tinnitus but most of it then the other one is they have hearing aids that help with tinnitus, as well and that retrained and kind of masks It's great for. For the other kind of tinnitus but here's. The point the only place you're, gonna find out this kind of information is at Colorado tinnitus and hearing center who handles all forms of tinnitus and hearing loss one or both This Clarkson and hamden address this new place where the urgent care is in there. On, the, second, floor, thirty six south, Clarkson, what a beautiful office go see. Them. Plenty of parking a. Beautiful facility, and Dr Patty, and Dr Lisa. Along with their new partner Dr Dagmar they are just? Really helping so many people three oh three five. Three four zero one. Six three help for ringing dot com. Okay doctor just really quickly I ca I asked everything bright light chiropractor have you ever have you ever treated tinnitus so Tennessee Scientists is an interesting one. Right. The plans where it's. Coming from, so sometimes it, could sometimes it. Could help just depends how much nerve damage? Is done Have you seen anyone with tinnitus yeah all the time is because. They had an injury and injuries have all kinds of problems yeah, I, it just, depends, on, what, part, of. The chain, of the ear- early comes from. It's a brain thing or if it's coming from the exactly three three, seven one three eight. Two five five so Christina let's just.

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