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It's like okay. How did how do you stand. Everyone always everyone always like whether to my sports. Business club right. Everyone always tells me. Oh you had tommy sheppard on your show where you should ask them for a job. That's not how it doesn't work to where like you do. I need to prove myself first. And then we all like this is going to happen. It's not just that's can just asking. Is it asking asking asking you have to. It's gotta be a two way street and this is my way. I hope of doing a good job of presenting. Hey look i know the game. Or i can never with people. I do this. I mean. obviously you're you're doing that too when you're killing a stage like the bubble. It's definitely get noticed and i really can't wait to see. Obviously how this all comes full circle for us. I mean we'll never oddity be keep in touch going forward jt but i'm thinking to myself like wow like the the things that are going to be happening it's crazy week. Oftentimes as people over we can do in a year but under us what we can do in a day right now. You can do so like like today like you're doing so much. I've gotten whether it's early podcasts The schedules has got. It has to be booked or else. You're not moving anywhere. Obviously can't wait to see what all this stuff do now. Turns into in no time Even scientists say one more thing the bubble light on we're like jam-packed like no free time. I have a friend and coworker. Who she goals of. Being like a sideline reporter and pre-game she's like getting footage like getting practice interviews in. It's like it's amazing that we're doing so much in this bubble like we already have the opportunity to do it and they're doing even more to go above and beyond it just shows like the potential. Some people have and the work at the good. Thanks audrey percent. I mean i. It's so inspiring to see it. I normally always seem. I look in the mirror but seeing someone now seeing it on zoom camera and i'm talking to a lot more reassuring like it's just not knowing that stuff going on Love hearing from aden and zach. Thank you so much coming on. This was awesome. This is gonna be one of those those episodes that i clip a bunch of times and send out because people ask me this. I'm telling you all the time so now instead of me telling it to them and and spending all that time i'm gonna just let you tell it to them again. Obviously post podcast. So thank thank you so much for. Obviously now you're giving me back time because you literally just i take everything i've ever thought when it comes.

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