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He says he couldn't comment and stuff what he says he needs to have a phone to told somebody he can get nearest telephone and the only telephone they know once they have that suspicion of being laid. And he convinces them is and he soviets just come from space which is an incredible That they actually say the phone is in a nearby village league collective farm a couple of miles and he says well how do i get. This is what they can borrow a horse and cart you gotta guy but is being around the world at eighteen thousand miles an hour ten times fox in the rifle bullet has truly rynd the globe. Seen literally thirty five minutes earlier. Who's flying africa and an hour before that. He was flying over the eastern provinces. Ussr and now he needs a phone. And that means a horse and the cops and there's an old lady and her granddaughter. I mean i have all this testimony in the book it is surreal actually and this is just scratching the surface. I was totally drawn by this. And i just thought this is the most thrilling and compelling clench. It is the first human being space where literally everything and lots of actually does and he he kind of gets there without any reasonable right to go out there and to go back and yet by doing so he changes everything because he becomes almost overnight from being completely secret an unknown to anybody outside a very select circle he becomes the most famous man on the planet. I mean people made these days no really know much about yogi garin lightening. I did particularly when i started researching but he became you go by the newspapers at the time without across the world whether it's american british german wherever everywhere he becomes the most famous man on the planet because no one has done what he has just done and it literally changes the cost of everything. It puts the soviets up there as top dogs and get it so easily could have gone the other way so what you have is a very nail biting race and the soviets kind of thread that way through a mine..

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