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Well, I gotta say this as a puppeteer outside of my duties here at ESPN I'll give it. The satisfaction that the puppetry was brilliant, Brian Henson, and crew. Like, obviously, they know what they're doing. However, the script was very weak and it was the downfall the film they played. This new are type of private eye detective movie from the forties. I love the theme of it. I love what they wanted to do. It just fell very flat because they were trying. So hard to say yes, is a puppet movie. No, it's not for kids, and they really went off that deepened and they had some allegories about puppets being lesser citizens. And there was some back and forth with you. Think of like who framed Roger rabbit where the cartoons of the humans lived together, but they were cohesive this one where it's like puppets are only meant to sing and dance for the humans and they're addicted to sugar. And that's all they do. They just consume sugar all day and they're, they're second class citizens, and there's very interesting moments where they could have expanded on this and made a deeper store, but they really didn't wanna do it. They just wanted to basically make a parody of war with puppets in humans. And I the, the glowing things I can say about at our Bill. Greta, who's the puppeteer and did did Phil Phillips detective. That's partnered with Melissa McCarthy. Character was fantastic. Not just in puppeteer in, but also acting you people don't realize that you have to act when you're puppeteer. You know, it just comes up through your hand out through, you know, a module and then my Rudolph absolutely slayed. She's hysterical, but she's not given enough screen time for what she's giving the right amount of screen for she's doing. But you wish you saw more because of how good she actually is all the side characters were just kind of one off and very one note and just basically playing a parody role of what their characters were supposed to be. I, if they would have given a little more care to the script, this would have been a two and a half to three maple leaf film. Instead, it's sitting like a one and a half maple leaf just because it's so just. Boring essentially at the end of the day, like there's some really good laughs in it and some funny stuff. But at the end of the day, it's just it's not an engaging film and by the time it was over, here's kind of like that. That was kind of upsetting essay. I hate that whatever you have a chance. You know what I mean? Like when you say, hey, there's there's real promise here, but that you you booted away the idea about about you can't. You can't absolve anyone of that. You can't salvage that when an idea. Actually, this has promised, but the execution was so poor that frustrate. Yeah, and it wasn't even a technical executioner or anything like that. It was just purely in the script in the script when you know when they shot the script out what was and there's some ad living going on for the jokes, but when it's just it would have made a better I would have, honestly, what have watched a six part Netflix series of this half hour each and allowed the characters develop a little more than a essentially one hundred minute movie where you're just trying to make a point to say, yes, we're doing puppetry. Yes, we're doing it, you know, very mature and and grotesque in some ways, but puppets are still puppets. They're not humanoid or anything like that. How fascinating by the way is is Rick Passmore Dan, the fact that is a puppeteer like this. We just just dropped that in there. He said, he's, he's a puppeteer. Fascinating is the right word. There's there's a lot of layers to Rick that you just you keep pulling the onion back and you're like, whoa. All right. Okay. He's a video editor is also filmmaker eighties puppeteer. You play music as well. Rickets. All your play. This before hand, my mother made us all the piano until I think it's like kindergarten to sixth grade, and then we all got to stop so dank in his chopsticks..

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