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Ackerman. Six games going on right now, and we have some interesting developments, and one I think is the margin in the game and Pittsburgh right now between the Colts and Steelers here with Maura's Jeff Hawthorne. That's all coat in the first half, and India already has the ball in Pittsburgh territory, and we're just two minutes into the second half Indianapolis out game the Steelers to 17 to 93 on the ground. Colt, said 77 rushing Yards four or the Steelers Jonathan Taylor, a couple of touchdown runs. Philip Rivers 42 Yard past is Zach Pascal, a one yard touchdown run for James Connor after a forced fumble for TJ What accounted for the Steelers score. It's been all Indianapolis in this game and got another first down and stealer territory as they drive up 21 7 12 tend to play in the third quarter. For what do you think has been the difference here for this offense for the Steelers, Jeff as their struggle to get anything going, Yeah. You know what they're missing on all levels not just been Ross's burger, but there's been twice where appears that There's been a wrong route. Off this burger's been under trouble and been in trouble and they haven't been able to establish the run game and now down, 14. You start throwing that run game out the door and they could cold camp in their ears back and They're pretty balanced defense and they're showing it here today. All right, thank you very much. Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh, a rarity in Kansas City. Not only they having trouble scoring points, but Patrick Mahomes picked off. Let's get more on the Falcons and Chiefs from Christian better. Yeah, costly, picked at that title 7.5 time and just get the ball to start the second half and making a lot of play. Starting to look like you know the chief's office that we are all accustomed to with big place. Early stuff, you know, chunks going down the field. Michael Harmon 11 yards. Beyond. Yelled at the back of tight and 12 yards, Harmon and a jet suite for 20 yards that got him to the Atlanta 18 Yard line. Lay beyond Bel Pushing the pile. 11 Yards got him to the Atlanta seven. And a couple incomplete passes, and then it was a third and goal at the seven yard line. Patrick Mahomes, intercepted by a Luke on the linebacker for Atlanta, returned 57 yards to the Kansas City 48 yard line. He's pushed out of bounds, but Atlanta unable to capitalize, Matt Ryan sacked twice on the ensuing plays a loss of three and a loss of nine. Sex by Chris Jones and Frank Clark of Kansas City brought up a 3rd and 22. And connect with Hayvenhurst, but he was pushed out of bounds for seven yard play well short of the first down, So they punt punt it back to Kansas City, Kansas City Right now, the 1st and 10 at their own 21 yard line, tied at seven. Patrick a home 16 to 2869 yard touchdown and interception in this game that Ryan 11 13 136 yards and a touchdown. Travis Kelsey hey, has four catches for 65 yards. So now he is the first time in an NFL history of 100 plus Catches in multiple season and he just needed 60 yards to break the NFL record for most receiving yards by Ted tightened a clip saying George Kittles number of 13 77 that he said back in 2018, so we're tied at seven. 7 44 left here in the third quarter tied seven between the Chiefs and Falcons. Christian I know that love Ian Bell is averaging over four yards per carry today, but they're only 47 carries this far. How much is the absence of client Edwards? A lair hurting this team today? Well, I think I think it does. I mean, you know, Darryl Williams is actually entire times has looked to be the second back. He's you know, he's younger, obviously, but he's you know, he's a very strong back. Maybe I'll bell. You know, he had a really nice play a mention on that last drive, but unfortunately, it ended up in an interception where he 11 yard run. He pushed the file so he looks strong there. But, uh, you know, Layer is a very strong, very small package but very strong runner and he's just run. You run the ball very well for Kansas City, but Askew mentioned seven carries 30 yards, and that was the thing really in the game. The first half it seemed like the Chiefs really weren't committed to the run where Atlanta was trying to shorten the game with running. The chief just weren't executing through the passing get so Okay. Thank you very much Christian better in Kansas City. Let's say the Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville, another competitive performance here for the Jaguars, but they are trailing last I looked at least Brian. Yes, You know Cairo's samples. 40 yard field goal as time expired in the first half, put the Bears up by three and a real wild final. 45 seconds or so in the first half. Joe Schober intercept missile Trinity in the end zone and two plays Raider later, wrote Kwon Smith and accepts my Glenn and to give the Bears the last last second chance at a field goal bears right away, though. First drive of the second half. Stravinsky tow Alan Robinson. Now three catches on this drive is upto eight for 84. So really, really on a mission here against his Former team and currently right now, the Bears driving inside the dad six yard line here looking to extend this lead, eight minutes to go in the third quarter. They lead 13 10. All right, Thank you very much. Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville. Let's go to Adam Spillane Right now in Houston. It's been an interesting one today between the Texans. And Bangles, considering two teams that have combined for seven wins and rich. We are two minutes into the second half in the Texans. 31st rated run defense has reared its ugly head. As the Bangles have retaken the lead 17 to 10 Sima JP Ryan, a 46 yard field goal. Hey, broke multiple tackles on the plate, including just a pretty lousy missed by a J. Moore, who tried to tackle P..

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