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I was happening believable boost this hour therefore it's noble set them simonis they can break this if that means live are going to be a little wynia now he bothered me on the lakers coach us there here rate easy moving on shaquille o'neal was talking with business insider than here's what he had to say quote i'd rather i told rick berry i'd rather shoot zero percent this shoot underhand i am to cool for that jaylen is being to cool to shoot underhand even couldn't fruit improve your freethrow percentage a soft mover boss all if we're shag he was the coolest big out a play the aba says will chamberlain where those who don't know about the big dipper hit panama's cool for all decades he put up numbers on and off the floor that have been it will always be unmatched proper shaquille o'neal funloving big that accomplished so much a fourtime champion an alltime great he can get away with a comment like that because he still was able to find ways to achieve things that most people mere mortals like myself would never get close to but uk if you're not him actually picture mouth to say this as an active player because that's not something media fans it coaches if a particularly your teammates wanna hear i see i love this i think this is a boss move i took no one look to shaquille career and says oh yeah only if he could shoot free throws maybe he will be better he's in alltime legends top10 top whatever you wanna say he.

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