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Illegal immigration. I interpreted it as a crackdown on illegal immigrants that were criminals. There was a drug situation, you know, violent criminals. Pedophile any kind of situation of that nature. That's what I expected. I really believe. I'm not the only one who did that. I don't think anybody ever really stopped to think. That they were going to go after the family man working at the back play. That's not what I had in mind. I'm still a President Trump supporter. I guess I have to hold out hope that may be. He didn't understand. He was going after the guy in the meat packing plant. I mean, I guess he probably. Talk to a lot of people in town who after the rates they felt stunned. People Cup reminding me, this is the bible belt count, Scott fearing, there's over one hundred churches in the area love thy neighbor people take that seriously. And that really shaped the town's response to the raid, Reverend David Williams is a pastor in town at a southern Baptist church. He describes himself as Republican conservative, very pro-life pro-military pro second amendment. Also, he led a prayer vigil. Jesus looks a little. Regardless of their color..

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