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Now, this just indicates the direction in which that kneecap maybe sliding, and if Dr Sally sliding on the inner aspect of the knee, and this is considered a media, look sation Potala now mentioned human kneecaps humans also deal with dislocated Potala's. I think we see a lot of that with football players. Don't we all and the referred to as patella sub look sation, which occurs as a result of injury patella location. And there is a difference between the. The two between look station and subway station. And from this medical perspective patella dislocation refers to the complete dislocation of the kneecap from the joint, whereas patella subway station refers to a partial dislocations, and I know the difference as said earlier cats cats deal with Patel Alexei Shen too often caused by injury or be congenital as well. But I feel like cats have this really good framework around the joints because the very agile very flexible, the very nimble, and you know. They can they can jump and recover really really quickly docs, not so much. I mean think about the times dogs of full of bed at night. They don't they don't let them gracefully until they don't shake off. All right. I mean, they just clunk full full out that sometimes I get blamed for. Yes. Because usually sticking your bum out taking all the room up. Yeah. Don't push my dogs. Don't don't disturb them. You're not giving him enough room on the edge. I quit drink there. So back to back to but Teluk sation dogs. It is most prevalent in small dogs, but has been increasing in large doses. While the most common form of Patel allocation is medial look sating Potala. I think I'm going for a Guinness Book of world records. How many times I can say Potala in one wants to reminds me of the pink. 'cause you had the other day my Allah, Mattel Attila, and they can be caused by get this porn attrition injury. Or it could be present a congenital, and let's talk about genetics a little bit media Patel. Alexei Shen is strongly associated with the skeletal deformities. This is therefore considered congenital therefore, it is not recommended. The owners breed from these dogs obvious reasons, why subject to doctor health issues from the onset of its life. I mean, that's wrong. Scuttled deformities include an improper alignment of the quadriceps muscle malformed true. Ridges tibial chew Barossa Tae, maybe misaligned and hyperplasia of the medial federal condo. I'm good. Good today. On my words, we're going. Porn attrition. So we know what is that even play a role, but dogs who have poor Nutricia and couple of being overweight are at risk of developing joint problems associated with the knee Cavan. This is due to an increase impression on the joint capsule and knee joint medical conditions. So that cranial cruciate ligament rupture pain that has been come at least thirty societas with Selleck sation is another issue, and.

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