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Yes let's punch as hard as we can with it. Oh you know the joke in eighteen. Whenever they when Hannibal Lecter describe something as a maneuver which describes every attack. And a half pincer maneuver isn't a thing a pincer maneuver is when you come in behind in hop light warfare to to close off the enemy's line of retreat a half pincer maneuver means. You're literally just picking a side in ramming at them head on. So yes. Maybe you're GONNA hit from the left hand left rank that yeah. It's it's not a you know it's like a fool and getting your how well the different things they make every episode at a royal drums. Yes but you know. But that's the thing that but that is that is. That's the joke. When every time he says it's a classic half pincer maneuver. It's it's meant to be that he's he he is saying we don't really have a good fan but we're going to rely on the fact that we're probably a superior force and because we're a superior force we can just do this head on attack because we are the and that's great if you're the ATM and you're going up against a bunch of starved cultists in the desert. I don't think dark side counts. You know I don't think army a paradigm demons. Even if dark side is off of the planet at the time and his biggest baddies are off you know his waves and waves of paratroop para demons if it was just waves and waves of Pera Demons. That's not gonNA make it easier. The at should it like you were saying. Some of the other Justice League members have been questioning Superman. It's like a yeah you could take. Maybe a couple punches from dark side but some of us one hit and we're wallpaper so they go to this out a little more. You'll get you gotta give this to that that the suicide squad apparently was cutting through para dunes going.

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