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We'll take a trip around the state of Texas and identify some of the best opportunities to own part of an oil well we're the good projects are also coming up a really interesting oil and gas, history segment we'll tell you the story of how asphalt paved America with a little help from oil and gas and a lot of. Help from presidents Ulysses grant and Dwight. D Eisenhower to real story of of American ingenuity coming up this is smart oil and gas from seven forty KTAR age Hey folks it's Michael berry and you love one I. Do. Too and you love to, try new ones so what, I'm going to. Tell you is our ask. Of you is on, behalf of our veterans on behalf of, camp hope on behalf of this great. Country just give a. Taste to nine iron wines I was inspects the. Other day they have an end, cap they have a nice. Big selection there, specs has been a big supporter of camp hope and the PTSD. Foundation of America they're one and the same fifteen bucks of, every case goes to camp. Hope if it's bought it specs you could buy them anywhere nine iron wines they also talk about camp hope on the. Back, helping our veterans with PTSD get help Brandon Casella veteran of the US army he's the. Co owner he served from two thousand to two thousand sixteen he was deployed in Kuwait cutter you, a Iraq and Afghanistan the other owner Blake Barnes is on the board of the fundraising arm of camp. Hope us just. Say they care about.

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