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Appreciate you making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety X if you're not Niro radio, you can always listen on the free. I heart radio at the Michael berry show. Get it. It may not require textbook, but it's filled with valuable lessons. It may not take place in the classroom. But it's an ideal environment for learning. It may not involve a diploma, but it can help prepare Oregon's young people for life. High school sports high school sports can play a critical role in a student's overall education. In fact, studies show that students that participate in high school sports are more likely to enjoy greater levels of a team in their academic lives. If you think high school sports are only about competition think again, better, yet, think about attending high school sporting event in your community. You'll be amazed by what you see high school sports. A winning part of a complete education. This message presented by the Oregon school activities association and the organised leading directors association. Traffic. Add weather together just minutes from now at the top of the Allen, NewsRadio eleven ninety K accident food out of there. Food out of there. Cats. Out of there. By with Matteo in. The. The cat food out of there. Anthony. Older you. How old are you? What? I'm fifty five years old..

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