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Me up because some of these guys cannot get through a set without you know ten or twelve. F-bomb made it on tv. And did the tonight show jerry seinfeld. Jay leno dana carvey garry. Shandling they were clean of cork now. There are some that could Walk the fence bob. Sag tagged was one of the guys that was one of the dirtiest comic ever hear unfunny and funny and then he ends up on tv. And clean as could be cleaner than clean as like america's dad on that. We'll also tell you. I i meant oh allen. Yeah i met tim allen in detroit as working club. They're called the comedy castle orient wealth and frequently. When i would come into these places they go. There's a local guy really got to meet him and frequently. I would think okay and then they would be terrible right normally but this they've talked about. Oh this guy. Tim out so he came in and he killed a mean he was so great but a lot of people. Don't realize how filthy else oh filthy and came a baptist and he was very friendly. And we're talking. I said man. I said you have everything you need. Man you could be huge star. I said you know if you're interested of course in doing television you have to try and clean that stuff up and he just exploded. He said i don't want to television. I don't have any interest in that man. I'm not be the greatest of club comic here in the detroit area. And i was just like okay. Okay take it easy. I just so funny. How that was his beginning in how we ended up snow weird and i'm sure there's other acts. I know some really funny people that never got famous because they were dirty and they couldn't adjust a bob. Saga was one of the best. Doing both and apparently tim allen was able to go out of course but They learned about clean material because they wanted to do the carson show or something merv griffin and be able to do that. I want to tell a quick story. And then we we gotta get back to how you got started stuff. I know we're going off on tangents but we were talking about middle acts and headliners and how i always have magicians. So and you'll get a kick out of this because it involves goldfinger and dove love them so it was it like magic castle and i see goldfinger and dove and an amazing act and i go backstage after introduced myself. I go look. I'd love to have you up to the club. And we booked like six weeks out and these guys are world class team and they come up and we have our first show on tuesday night and we have an opening act of feature and here comes goldfinger and dove and they do the same exact beautiful act. It.

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