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Once again, here's correspondent, Alex stone. It was a brand new bridge. In fact, it we still being installed at Florida international university. The bridge was a big deal locally as who would connect the campus to student housing. No longer would students have to walk across a dangerous road. But before opening it would come crashing down onto cars below it was March fifteenth, and here's what the coverage sounded like that day. There are a number of fatalities and several injuries after a brand new pedestrian bridge has collapsed on the campus. Of Florida international university in Miami. According to Florida highway patrol there are several fatalities and a half dozen vehicles crushed beneath this pedestrian bridge right now the area is swarmed with emergency vehicles. And we have seen a number of first responders trying to reach people that had been trapped beneath the rubble we saw some working on their hands and knees digging through some of the rubble to reach those that had been trapped some yellow tarps have been placed on part of the wreckage perhaps to conceal where bodies are. But this entire stretch has been shut down across the Florida international university campus there was the earthquake. So me, and my roommate jumped up and looked outside and as soon as I looked outside. I saw dust flying everywhere. And I knew that the bridge had collapsed. There was one car that was able to get I guess they had just missed the bridge. And the back end of a car was smashed in the. Screens that were coming from the car was terrifying. Like, I watch every like everyone started sprinting towards the scene, and it's just so scary because it happened so fast. It was I started crying. I really wanted to start crying. It was terrifying. Like at first, I was just like, oh, we know. Maybe everything is. Okay. But I saw two cars under it. And I heard a woman screaming, and I said this is not good. Like, this is a serious serious thing that just happened. I'm maybe two hundred feet from the collapsed. I am. So rounded by first responders you name it fire rescue Miami Dade police for Florida highway patrol. It is the of a first responders trying to get into those cars that are trapped under this these slabs of concrete there are there are cars under there. I've seen several by self just completely flattened we're talking. I I've seen at least one truck. There was some type of panel truck. You know, how tall those things are now only three or four feet tall. This came down. And it came down quickly. I was on the ground just minutes after it happened here, and I talked to a witness a gentleman who was driving a truck. He had just pulled out of the parking lot and was turning in about to drive underneath the bridge became less than one hundred feet from being underneath it. When it collapsed key told me it was complete pandemonium. And at the bridge just came down. He didn't see anything right into it. He didn't see anybody the reason for to fall. He just said it fell and there was immediately immediate screaming and people running trying to help it is a very active scene. They're actually right now, they're bringing in another crane the bringing in great in front of me. They're just pulling it up. Now. I don't know where they're taking it. I don't know if they're trying to get it up closer to see if they can lift some of these peop- pieces, but they are pulling a other large Craig into position wait now as I'm on the phone came. Now, I'm watching it. I watched a few people have to get. Pulled out of the rubble. I think there's something destruction workers that they're still trying to get to. And I watched two people I have CPR performed on them. And I know that there's like I'm watching a bunch of firefighters and crawlspaces on trying to get the people that crane was telling you about they've got it. Hold way back right up against the bridge. Now, they're trying to get it in position. And they're going to try and see if they can lift some of this bridge up off from eighth street here. That's really the only way the only way they're going to be able to get into those cars this hundreds of tons of concrete and steel rebar that have smashed down on these cars, pinning them, and and unfortunately, pancake them to just a few feet tall. So they're trying to get that into position. They pulled the crane into the middle of the street. Now, that's where the most of the cars are just completely flat. And they're going to try and get that out to see if there's anyone any survivors still trapped in those cars, so they can get them out of there. It is going to be a long process. Even with that crane because as they start moving some of those pieces other areas, they're afraid are going to.

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