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News I'm Mary Louise Kelley and I'm ari Shapiro the turnover in the trump administration keeps turning on tonight the latest news is that acting department of homeland security secretary Kevin mac lean and is out he has served in this position since the spring of this year he took over after cures to Nielsen resigned in April NPR White House correspondent Franco or down as joins us to talk about this latest departure high Franco hello there's a bit of a delay on the line to begin with what can you tell us about why mac lean and is out well president trump tweeted out he said this news he said that Magdalene did an outstanding job that they had a good working relationship that is proud of the work that he did but that he want that cabin and used as first name wanted to spend more time with his family he also said he was gonna go to the private sector as we mentioned he was in this acting role for less than a year how much was able to accomplish in that time well we do know that you know was a challenging time he actually accomplished quite a bit in regards to issues that were important to president trump on of those included getting Mexico to boost enforcement on its southern border to help stop or slow the flow of immigrants north and he also got Guatemalan other countries to carry out agreements to enter into agreements that would require an asylum seekers to seek asylum in and asked for asylum in those countries instead of the United States those are very significant we saw so much controversy involving the department of homeland security play out in the public space privately do you know if they were tense plain and president trump as there were so many people who have left the trump administration yeah I mean there there has as as you know there have been so much tension he came in under the most difficult circumstances at the time when president trump was literally going through a courage of the compartment as you noted earlier he pushed out secretary Nielsen and other top officials and when Kevin MacLaine came in from the start he was drawing scrutiny from hard liners who are close to president trump and were very concerned about mac lean and his ties to the Obama administration where mac lean had served before they many did not feel that he was tough enough on and look Macklin in an interview with The Washington Post he actually complained about this Sir the issue the conditions of his where he was working he complained about the tone the message I. he complexions had concerns about the public face an approach of the nation's immigration policy he said he tried to keep a neutral agency but that was really impossible I just tonight after the news broke I spoke to Dave in the pan who was the press secretary for DHS earlier in the administration and he said it's simply an impossible job right now considering the outside expectations are that president trump has put on it I'm and if the if the measure of success is stopping immigrants from even coming to the border then then that is just not gonna be achievable well given how high that bar is for whoever the new the homeland security secretary acting or otherwise happens to be any guess of who that would be in when we would find out just briefly are we don't know who that will be president trump did tweet out though that he would be naming a new acting secretary next week and your White House correspondent Franco or don't yes thank you thank you staff members at NBC news are upset at their leadership this week after more detailed allegations emerged involving the firing of today co host Matt Lauer Lauer was dismissed nearly two years ago after what was then described as inappropriate sexual behavior with a subordinate now a new book catching kill reveals the identity of the woman who made the complaint and she says Lauer raped her at the two thousand fourteen Olympics in Sochi Russia the book is by former NBC news reporter running ferro who also alleges that NBC executives caved to pressure from Harvey Weinstein to Stonewall Ferris reporting on the Hollywood mogul our own weekend edition Sunday host lugar scene of our sat down with running feral earlier today to talk about the book and who's here with a preview of that interview high hi Matt Lauer has put out a lengthy statement denying that he raped Brooke novels the former NBC news producer you asked running pharaoh about his reporting on her allegations what he said yep ferro says he stands by his reporting it was quote fact check to the nth degree Lauer is claiming that the first incident between him and novels was consensual not rape and the beginning of an affair now Ferris as she was forthcoming about her continued interactions with loud but clearly saw things very differently she readily concedes that there were communications where she was trying to not make an angry where she feared for her career she was trying to make it okay in her only heard of to herself and state cheerful about it but that this was never something she described as an affair this was a painful agonizing process ferro says Lauer's behavior towards women and NBC was an open secret a he reports in his book and told me that there were multiple nondisclosure agreements dealing with sexual misconduct well before his firing and he says he spoke with multiple NBC executives who had heard about it so dependent from out Lauer to another me two stories Harvey Weinstein ferro says that NBC executives including the president of NBC news no Oppenheim trying to stop his reporting on the wind Steen story he ended up doing that reporting for the New Yorker and won a Pulitzer for it would run and tell you that yeah Farrah told me that Harvey Weinstein was calling Oppenheim and other top brass at NBC frequently ferro says his reporting shows they gave assurances to whine steam that they would kill his story he has reporting to back it up and then there's also this comments Oppenheim allegedly made to Ronan Farrow during his reporting about one scene asking how serious is this stuff really he says there were six times that often I'm told him to actually stop his reporting also feral includes excerpts from columns Oppenheim wrote in college at Harvard anti feminist writing including this line quote apparently women enjoy being confined pumped full of alcohol and preyed upon they feel desire not to mean and I asked vero why he thought these columns were relevant I go to pains to say no Oppenheim was young when he wrote that however it's worth noting that in the context of the book it becomes relevant because his behavior does not advance the thinking of someone who has grown and changed in the way that I readily say is possible and even hopeful over the years you know this is someone who is making very similar arguments in the present day as a rational for shutting down the story saying you know this is simply not news this does not matter we should note NBC is completely denying pharaohs version of events but there are reports in Oppenheim is facing really tough questions right now on NBC and then perhaps related to my scene story Ronan Farrow told you an anecdote involving interview request he had with secretary of state Hillary Clinton tells about that yeah he said Hillary Clinton had committed to doing an interview with him but then she suddenly got quite busy or that's the story her press person told him after referencing his continuing reporting on one Steen now wants dean raised funds for Hillary Clinton she has described him as a friend and this is how he describes how he views this interruption I don't suggest that she was of paramount importance in terms of the machine of complicity around Harvey Weinstein I do think that she was part of the broader circle of powerful interests that were alight now ferro does say he eventually did get that interview with Clinton but he said to me that he had to tell her that he was going to disclose the nature of that conversation and that is what led to that interview being given to him in the end and we should also say that the Clintons press person Nick Merrill says the timing of the postponement of that initial interview was a coincidence of course we'll hear more of your interview with Ronan Farrow on Sunday morning on weekend edition lugar scene of.

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