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Batters or hitting just one eighty three against him meanwhile for the dodgers it is rich hill who is twelve and eight with a three thirty two we are a during the regular season ritual during the post season is only thrown thirteen innings ing course threw sixty pitches in game number two of this series but he's got a to seventy seven era in batters or hitting just one ninety six against and we know that on both sides the bullpen s have been essentially shattered no real good options for uh for dave roberts coming out of the plan may be alex wood on two days rest i gotta believe that brendan morrow after giving up four runs on six pitches in game number five will not throw tonight maybe my ada is able to bounce back although if you looked at amman sunday his slider became very flat it was very east west and not very northsouth that was not good can lead has given up a run in three straight appearances and he was not sharp at all in fact he through thirty eight pitches and only sixteen strikes in game number five the other night meanwhile the astor's bullpen there's talk that they might go to lance mcculler who would potentially be a game 7 starter aj hinch would be gambling there because if he throws ver lander and mcculler that means that he would have to start charlie morton on short rest in a potential game seven the astra's bullpen is ridiculously bad they've thrown nineteen innings in this world series the houston bullpen as allowed sixteen hits and sixteen runs along with five home runs so nineteen innings in the world series and the dodgers have scored sixteen runs.

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