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Gross oh boy. Alright you'll I hope you chose wisely. Well I mean I the hasn't come. It's June when that happens but but you know there are some actually decent Republican candidates on the ballot this this year so so I you know I would love to be part of them being Actually I don't know especially cannot vote for anybody who who came out of the convention system because you know they have a crackpot. They can make it through the Utah. Republican convention and be the ballot. They are a courageous man. It's ladies and Gentlemen I. I'm going to say it. Democracy is not awesome. It's just it's just not. We have not found a way to make it work yet. Not here not anyway all right. Thanks Elliott Dan wrote into us. Hi Guys My name is Dan and I love your show and if your name is Dan you must be. You probably handsome. That's all I'm going to say. Anyway you've spent a lot of time discussing Jay dubb's Jehovah's Witnesses and interacting with them. You recommended not doing You recommended not doing that. Which is to say interacting with them in general which is good advice or sorry which is which in general is good advice. Well I'm a sixty five year. Old Hippie stoner atheist and taking advice never was for. I have fun talking to the Jay. Dubb'S I've heard all the debates in dockings and Hitchens etc and I have all the arguments from those great thinkers more or less handy in my head so we have lively chats. I never quit until they do. The best part watching Jay DUBB's smile politely back away and declare need to move along. It's sort of a sort of the shoe on the other foot. You might say so. Thanks for your great work and don't drink lysol from Dan. That's sweet. I mean if you can beat them at their own game why not or at least make them a so uncomfortable daily view. I don't know there's sure if you get a kick out of it that's great. I always feel bad for people who are like trying to debate them in earnest. Like hoping to get anything out of it other than an entertainment because well and you're not gonNA they're not GonNa hear Ya. Yeah you are keeping them from. Maybe finding some pray out there. So that's true the long- The longer you keep the you know I I should have that attitude because that's the attitude that I had for the longest time when whenever I got a sales call telemarketer I would keep them on the line ad. Infinitum IF I had if I had any time at all it was just constant it was and I would see what I could get away with two. It was like yeah. I'm super interested in the product. Actually you know what I have to go to the bathroom. Can you just hold for a minute? While I go to the bathroom and then see how long I can keep them there. I'll come back to them. I'll check in with them. I used to now. It's all robocalls now. Now there's no fun to be had anymore anyway Hey speaking of Dan. I believe. It's the same. Dan also gave us a one.

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