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Joe Zero Experience Hunter Fiasco. You know. It's the twitter fact. Checker claimed the trump administration or actual Nazis and mocked flyover states. I kid you not the twitter official responsible for the fact checking policies to tell your friend. Dorsey this has tweeted that members of the trump administration or Nazis among other false inflammatory statements on the on the platform. This guy's title is head of Sight Integrity. I think he's got a biased don't you yeah that sounds like a bias to me? But they pointed out that zone tweets include exactly the kind of misleading abusive content. That twitter's policy is purporting to limit. Jack Dorsey pay attention. You might need a new fact checker because the one you have is abusively biased himself. And he's calling trump supporters Nazis. That might explain why conservatives Riley been pointing out that in fact all of these outlets are purposely. Suppressing conservative. Three free thought nine deals now if they want to set up a private club find but we'll find another site and I'll promoted for free if that's what their strategy is all right news roundup information overload hour that was just the latest cringe-worthy the exchange Joe By now I gotTa give him credit he finally although this does not count in terms of our countdown you know the fact that he did take a brief appearance he did go and lay a wreath at the Delaware. More war memorial okay. Credit Joe left his house for fifteen seconds worthy. Cause that doesn't count as leaving his basement to me. So now we're at days. Seventy two of quid pro quo. Joe The ever forgetful one in his basement and you know he keeps doing these appearances one after another after another funniest thing he said in a reason. I'm doing just fine in my basement hiding i. Yeah while trump's governing the country O'Reilly pointed out earlier rightly so that you know. When asked what would you do differently? I listened to the experts. Well we already know what he'd do differently. We watched them on n one. H One to quote him really. H One n one. So then. The train wreck continues with these interviews. You know whether he said I'm going to be joe or beat Joe Biden. It sounded like Beach Biden to me but whatever it is but he's doing a pretty good job of beating himself and he does this interview with a radio host by the name of Charlemagne. It was so bad you can see like Joe. Shushing away a staffer who tried to prevent you know this ever confused boss from from answering any more questions. And that's when he said the line that you just heard you ain't black if you don't support him in the election well now rightly all. The criticism has been taking place You have even the radio host. Charlemagne saying that Biden is an intricate part of the system that needs to be dismantled the founder of bt called on Biden to every black person he meets the Election Day Even James Clyburn was shocked by this Biden offers. Ao a CNN interview. He goes out there and he says oh I you know I shouldn't be such a wise guy question you is about what some supporters say. They're worried about. Which is that all of. This could end up hurting the enthusiasm that you really need to win. Among black voters well first of all You know I It was a mistake number one and I was smiling when he asked me the question. I was you know I should have been such a wise guy. He was being a wise guy. I responded kind.

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