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Developments with cove in nineteen news radio nine fifty W. W. J. W. deputies time twelve eleven staying at home because of cold in nineteen S. save some lives in Michigan that's according to the Michigan office of highway safety planning WSJ's Beth Fisher spoke with the group's Kendall Wingrove when we compared the first four months of two thousand nineteen to the first four months of twenty twenty there's been a twenty nine percent reduction in the number of crashes we've gone from a hundred thousand five hundred and eleven and two thousand nineteen down to just over seventy one thousand and twenty twenty and the fidelity's have dropped from two hundred and sixty in two thousand nineteen to about a hundred and ninety four here in the first four months of twenty twenty so the stay at home order has resulted in fewer crashes and fewer fatalities here in Michigan what about in terms of serious crashes that has gone down also about thirty percent in two thousand nineteen it was one thousand four hundred and seventy and now it's down to a thousand forty two during the first four months of twenty twenty so encouraging numbers but you expect that to go back up when everybody starts going back to work jury is still out and there's a growing concern that a lot of drivers have seized this moment to the distance beating on our highways and the Michigan state police have given dozens of citations across the metro Detroit area in the month of April the even cited somebody for going eighty three miles per hour in a construction zone so even though there are fewer cars on the road during the first four months of twenty twenty there are some serious concerns about people speeding on our roadways and what he wants on the Bob the rules in construction zones please be careful follow all the signs slow down we need to preserve those workers lives and and we want you to be very careful in fact I I'd have five rules for people no matter where they are today in twenty twenty of those five rules are buckle up don't drink and drive be sure to follow the speed limit don't use your phone while driving and don't hang your face mask in the rear view mirror because that might obstruct your view I would just encourage everybody to remember those five things when they're out there on our roads and I guess some in other stats that you have here it looks like you know a lot of fidelity's are down with the stay at home order can you give me of what some of those are motorcycle lists teens bicycle fatalities those statistics are over those are those statistics compare all of two thousand nineteen compared to previous years and yes we we've seen a nine percent decrease in motorcycle S. the pallet he's teens fidelity's are down about five percent bicyclist fatalities have remained at just twenty one for the third consecutive year of course even one loss of life is one too many but the bicyclist fatalities have remained concept of society in those three consecutive years that's Kendall Wingrove from the Michigan office of highway safety planning speaking with newsradio nine fifties about Fisher doubled up Jamie's time out twelve fourteen what's the latest on the Major League Baseball for the season sports coming up in a minute everyone is wondering whether college classes will return to normal or stay online this fall your student has a learning difference like dyslexia ADHD or autism will either option.

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