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About the new madden game. or PS four xbox. Just a second pc as well who plays. nintendo sixty, four, commodore, sixty, four, a wish was on. Systems. But I? I think, Oh yeah. Tim Thomas has worn to class of the picture. Tim Thomas for the Vox Rock to double headband white under band which was straight and then the black style band which was cocked at about a thirty nine degree angle on his head. Thank you all the textures that pointed this out for me Tim and cut. He says, Here's Ted Walking serviceman purse. It's Alan from. With his wolfpack shirt shaking his hair walking up to the hotel room. That's a classic Jeff. No question about it. I read and Madison had Tim Thomas Double Headband One. Thank you Arman as well. Of course arm and always listen the way Barman wears a headband. Sure. I'm to one four top three places in the top three place names in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. Okay. Explicit mention. hibs whole. Not In the top three but the top three place names in Newfoundland number three come by chance to blow me down and. Please look this up on a map. Yeah. Get Her you Lilo Dialed O.. D.. I l. d. i. think that's how you pronounce it. I'm pronounce it that way and just be extra safe dial dough newfoundland not new found land. Newfoundland thank you four one four for that. Very random. Top three. Yeah, there's a there's there is one there's a Nile doe visit dial dough Newfoundland. Committee on the island of Newfoundland and the province of Newfoundland Labrador southeastern were. Dialed, oh, arm of Trinity Bay about sixty kilometers west of. Saint John's south dial though is Aldo arm. She. There's also south dialed, which is a neighboring community of two, hundred and fifty. I've heard of Diallo's bone south of the town. Unusual name has brutal a certain amount of notoriety according to the Pantry that's weird. I hear their doorknobs are all like dial does. Badgen. Graph with US floppy robbery. Turn Turn the handle to get into a door. That's how they roll. Yeah. Yeah. Mind you have to use both hands. In opposite directions just weird. What is wrong with Nickelsville? Via Wrong I mean so right four, one, four, Zavos a wolfpack guy. In wrestling but growing up I always loved Hogan. Course who didn't I love in the Wolfpack got sting mid to late nineties resting was awesome. But the black and white got ridiculous when they had like twenty dudes in the group. So many of them were just so random. Very true. To six two can get put together a top three list of local courses for hours time golfers already dead sent sent back. Well, let's do it for the air since it's a community. Where they said within fifty miles of West Bend. So I said, kettle, hills the valley teen pretty wide open generous fairways. No. Not that hard right across the street. There's little nine hole course called arrowhead. So, pretty pretty generous and then now Washington County has a great three hole course. If you're a straight a beginner at goes around the driving range. So that's a good spot as well. And get a kickback seven percents. based. On this use pro Promo Code. So. He gets his commissioner get back kickback on this the get back the kit. Exactly. Okay Madden. Yeah let's talk. Madden. So mad if you heard he won came and. was about the wrong one. Yeah almost grabbed Pat Mahomes twenty twenty. You probably like. I'm like it's right. I'm like it's twenty. At Patrick, Mahomes is still the face of the league. No offense Lamar Jackson, MVP. I get it. But Patrick Mahomes won the super. Bowl and. So I got the. So I was like Oh here's the twenty, twenty one, and apparently the reviews are. No not not not great Bob. Bob Allowed people album. There are a lot of problems. So I assume I sent I sent you the link. How are you? Not Great Bomb God. Great. Okay. Go ahead, I sent you the link to a story that has a few different videos that were posted on twitter from users pointing out some of the issues with the game. A lot of people saying that it's just like men twenty. And Mad nineteen this with updated rosters. So literally, nothing new to the game besides the Jersey says, the different players name how hard it has been for these designers, these game designers and programmers to make something new. That's sizzle worthy every single year. In the game play of the game I mean, what are you? GonNa do that could add to. What's already in the game? It's so incredibly robust and full featured. What more do people want? At least put a list of demands like we want this we want that. Yeah well, and they started especially because this got so bad. A twitter trend started HASHTAG NFL DROP EA. Like people just want the NFL to just go with a different company to make who their video games. I. Mean. They make our Schilling's company making a better football game. No, they are defunct the business I mean TJ. LANC I hope the NFL will one day demand a better product from EA in regards to madden. Gameplay like you see players glitch all the time they're running off the field. A few people were pointing out that in the stands there were would usually say ea sports madden twenty or twenty one it says nineteen random places just. So that's sloppiness yet. Well Yeah. I mean, he's sloppy and editor which he sloppy glitzy new rosters. No new features correct. Sixty Bucks fifty, nine, ninety nine. Thanks for coming move to your left metacritic score. With reviews eight point four out of ten. What point? Four point, four YEP so less than want less than one. That's harsh. That's yet So if you and I are going to play online, should we play Madden twenty which I probably have in the cellophane in my basement right now? Probably Yeah Art so they want to get out of it. Now, of course, to K. used to be used to put out a competing. Parallel Game UNTIL EA bought out to K. and said, we'll take it from here. It's they've had the the rights demand for awhile. To the NFL for while, and then they just signed like a extension I thought with them. So it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere but. You'd be surprised if people don't buy the game, who do you want as a program as a you want the valve corporation maker of Counterstrike Doda Day of defeat half life you want rockstar grand theft auto, I think rock. Amazing if you want activision blizzard call of duty. Tony Hawk series crash bandicoot. You want Sony. To be in there, you want Nintendo, to be in there you want ubisoft assassin's creed far cry Tom Clancy. Sega which does sonic the hedgehog virtual fighter fantasy star. By aware. Star Wars Knights of the Old Dragon series. My vote would be Rockstar if they could. That'd be amazing. Rockstar puts out a ton of games. We'll talk to charge about this to Churchill tell you all about it.

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