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Coming back After his opt out season some people were starting to question whether he was coming back or not because he hadn't been there for some voluntary workouts for hud's raising his hand. Say he was me. Will now that lbj t is back. How does that affect the competition at right guard. Do you think there is a competition to see is just gonna jump right back into the first team reps or trey smith have something to say about it even at this point career. Oh absolutely the chiefs are hyping and hyping him up enough for where we have to consider trey smith now and they keep talking about and we keep hearing his name. I mean andy heck saying that. He's he basically sounded very confident that he'd be a starter at some point in his career. Just you know he has some stuff to work on but he just flat out said you know he doesn't he doesn't need to say that at this point you know. He doesn't need to hype them up like that publicly so i think it's absolutely a competition. Elliot does have a good chance. So you know it's it's important no system and he's a smart dude. Obviously so that's really going to give them an advantage. In and trae is is rob prospect and it that there were reasons he drops to the sixth round. Not just because of you know the medical. That's the main part of it. Obviously but he's a raw player and you know he wasn't nfl. Ready maybe a write up the gate But we'll see we'll see trying to competition that she's been able to get away with putting guards not experienced guards. you know. maybe you know a more. You don't wanna call. It transmits off the street. But just you anyone in there and being able to make it work so maybe throwing some with raw power in their raw talent could could be worked with you know experienced at the rest of the positions. I think the challenge with trae smith and college at least appear to be consistency. He had the highlight reel plays the high high is a major believe he's a future all pro and then he had some other place where you're wondering what he was doing and or wondering if he knew what he was doing and so they'll be a learning curve for him. L. d. t. I think you know what you have in that player. He's been there long enough in the system. He's had some really good years years getting paid. He's had a couple of years that maybe weren't so impressive. Where were talking about finding a replacement for him. So is it just the two main competition at this point or do we think any of these other guys might factor in awesome bligh. You know Andrew wylie. There's another number of other bodies that could theoretically be thrown at right guard position. Even lucas neang. What do you think is a two main competition or is it. is it a five or six main competition. Yeah allah grady Allegany is another one to consider to You know he did start at left guard all last year. So that's that's something you know. Hey his starting experience even it's not the same position with someone else we have to consider. Lucas neang maybe Getting more guard play if if they do wanna be in one of the situations where they're putting their best five up and they do want to get bigger and they think remers a solid right tackle You know maybe they do say hey we know you're you're the future at right tackle. Let's get you playing now. Let's get your body in there. Let's get you at right guard. So that's another one to consider you know I it is truly open. Competition and brave each did call Neang a guard possibility last offseason right after they drafted him. I know the situation was different last year on the line. Because you know yet eric fisher mitchell schwartz. He wasn't playing tackle for you. But yeah it. It's it's interesting and it will definitely be one of the best competitions at training camp to watch To follow. well let's six names. I think you just listed as possibility right if you re factoring in you know kneeing and Allegri so i. I honestly think it's a two person competition there and everybody else is going to be scrambling for death spots along the line. I really do think they're going to do everything can to make it a competition between smith and lt. Yeah with l. d. Ldc having the contract know that he has the incentive to make it work there with smith you know an on such a cheap deal having such the upside that he has they might wanna bring him along a little bit more slowly and let long-term answer there. Let lt play out this year. Smith be the long-term answer maybe count alarm doesn't make the roster his you know his health isn't right and they don't see a spot for him so there's a lot of different ways this thing can go whether a competition or wider competition. I it brings us to some other comments. That i saw one was jarran reed commenting about your his role in the defense and how things were going so far. He went out of his way to praise. Maybe we're not talking about enough in that rotation in turk- warden and is that an underrated player is under the radar guide. That you're we're all excited about drawn. Read with chris jones and frank clark all at the same time you know or or drawn read with derek ninety on running downs but warton might be that extra rotational interior pass rusher. That makes us thing really really go. Yeah when you see a guy come out like he did his rookie year. I think everyone he is. He is on everyone's radar. He's not as if you're achieved saying you know if you're watching the chiefs every week you know tershawn wharton is now. And that's pretty impressive for an undrafted free agent rookie from i believe it was missouri. Sat down in raleigh missouri shadow. If anyone's from there. So yeah. I think it is important to understand that he was a really good pass rusher last year. He was one of the best rookie pass shows in the nfl. Statistically coordinate bff last year and he doesn't have to put in a position where he's the main guy on a line he's he is going to get the one on ones with you know some. Maybe just a bad gardner bad center because they need their best guys on chris. Jones taco charleston. Jarran reed frank clark. All those guys..

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