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All of a sudden. It's like South American twenty three. Towns central both wings in Rossi. Rodriguez pylos at left back. Maybe some point dais maybe Genera depending on K., and it's west at West himself. I mean just the way they built this team. This was the perfect moment, and maybe it actually is a blessing in disguise. See because we know. Carlos is on the field in this league. He's dominant period so now you have the guy who was the. We spent a lot of money on them, but he hasn't quite shown the final product the as a little bit of odaguard and you're saying to him. It's all yours man. Go Yourself A. Little momentum because when we come back for the regular season. Whatever that is Carlos Velez still going to be was vella and we need you. To have had those moments of confidence, you talk about that all the time Charlie I've like young attacking players. They need to feel that confidence. And maybe Rodriguez has with L. AFC, maybe maybe all of us talking heads outside San whereas the final product. He doesn't care. He feels like he's on. He feels like it's common. It was just a matter of time well now. How long tweets backup extratime account? After every show I'm planning of just God. We'll just. Liking every tweet that we play out about him. Of Energy just jumping on it. You also have to remember you know. Bob Rally spoke this week, saying Diego Rosie has been on fire just. Doesn't look like he's lost. Any sharpness is fitness is through the roof. I mean he's got. It just keeps progressing and so they're like we're happy with him. We think he's going to excel. He's the right man for the job. Brian Regan were where he gains. All of this momentum. Heading into determine is now. You don't have that obligation to always find Carlos Vela. Trainees make space for callers valor to always think about Carlos. Vela, when you're attacking, because you don't want to make him mad, you don't WanNa to you. Know not get the ball when he's in the right spot because. You know you and you start generating those those conversations where I don't like when he's on the field because he's not finding me when when I in a good spot, so now you can play freely. You'll have to think about always finding the best player or the playmaker. You can be the playmaker, and you can create for yourself, so that's going to be the biggest. Biggest difference it's like what we saw sought on Ebrahimi, which everyone was trying to cater to slow down and change the way they play when he was off the field. Sometimes, you're like. Wow, this is the galaxy WANNA see. There were free flowing interchanging. There wasn't this. This needs to just lump off lump ball's Ford or plates as slot on at every every opportunity so. I do think Brian Rodriguez is going to show the term and excel, but Diego Rosie could probably make a case for himself to be the part of the term as well as his dream. Move to Europe if that's. An opportunity for him, and if deals on fit and hot, we know he's like he can be dominant. It can be hat trick a game dominant in this league till different than the galaxy with the galaxy. Engage with the black hole with L. AFC Carlos. Vela was just the gift that kept on giving just just put the ball in that.

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