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To any. I quit. So good. I was wondering I was. It's so good. Could we the table in the script? We laugh, and look I mean with home it's fun to do. It really was. And it was such a monumental show for young women that it was okay. Not to be married and to go out and start their careers. That's what I loved about it. And I was just a little girl then. Good for you. You've got the message that married. You are. Oh. You have to tell you looking at you as Murray's wife. You know, we got to know this rough and tumble Murray. But at home, I mean, you were just the sweet woman, you reminded me much of my mother. Oh you. A lovely parented to do. And I was sad because I was reoccurring. Character wasn't on every week because I was doing all those other shows and who I had to come back to the fullest, which was kind of fun because I would notice each time. I tell you that. Pastor had become more of the character. They were playing. Night. Hysterical. Yup. Talk of a choice. Font who is in every television show ever created Joyce? You're the center of two casting triangles that amazed me I'll share them with you. You're probably well aware of them already. But on the Mary Tyler Moore show. You played Gavin. Macleod's wife Marie you also play gel Whelan's mother in the movie airplane. But then Jill Whelan played Gavin MacLeod's daughter on the love boat, cut a strange, right? Play next door neighbor. Neighborhood. And we do a lot of benefit charity valley here in the desert, wet, very, warm and beautiful. I don't want to live. Your weather report. That we get this each other all the time, which is great fun. Now, here's the stranger one also on the Mary Tyler Moore show. You played the mother the adopted mother of Robbie wrist. He played your son David on the Mary Tyler Moore show. And then you played his wife on big John little John. All right Bill has way too much time. Have you figured this out? Joyce. Oh, my God about that. That's kind of weird. Yeah. Well, my whole life. Wonderfully. That my book Hollywood, which I said, no, no, no, no. Title. I don't wanna do that. Then I thought about it. But it might sell books on it is. Yes, it tells the story it's so the four men that you married to the four Hollywood men because there's a fifth husband in there. Also such a diverse group. Can we do this? We're gonna take a quick break in the come back. And we'll talk about those four Hollywood husbands that choice boulevard has had can I just jump in with Ravi risks thing. Didn't he play Oliver cousin Oliver Brady bunch? Didn't you almost get that role of Carol Brady almost I won't? I won't sign. Unlimit? Sudden. Just a few days. Yup. The president. Then all of a sudden a fun become available on Veja wanted her desperately on the west coast. A real struggle. Up. The wait was wonderful. On my own. So. I suppose that's a very positive attitude. I don't think a lot of people would have. Good for you. Joyce of is our guest. We'll take a break. And then more discussion next is Bill and Wendy on WGN latest winter.

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