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Big boy could skate. That's louise av dot two point. Eight eight that could be i. Saint louis is looking like they're going to be ready to go again. Yes is actually entered one year two million. Ottawa signed Rfa defense been victims one year. One point two mil shock signed arafat goalie. Aiden hill two years. four point. Three five mil down. Oh no hey hey zone of the anymore. I don't need a stroke them off. I'm up playing hometown favorites. But i'm saying is. I liked what i saw six five great pedigree. Incredible wingspan has a fucking a massive competitive drive. I'm saying as he could be he called off and he becomes a top fifteen going league. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised folks. i liked it. That's a good call this call. I like it What else we got here at c. e. national signs. Ira fade defense dante. Fibro two years. Four point eight male jersey signs fi forward ego. Sharon gorge two years. Four mil they also brought in trauma to tie at two years nine four point five eight he you know he got shriveled. I'm montreal. didn't he wasn't in the plans. The entire playoffs pretty much right. But it's happened in detroit in using vagus correct. So i i think he's still has skill. I think maybe teams get a little fed up that it's just not much away from the park and if he's not really producing offensively than these not in the lineup but he still add some skill level to jersey. Who doesn't exactly like score in bunches. Or they haven't what's he making a year Two ties make four point five. Fm what i was surprised at like four and a half or a guy who got shriveled away from look at his numbers. But you know what i'm saying. Look at the market. And i'm saying wait a guy who like they they were basically paying this amount of money to not have play for them in montreal. Who is having success. What's the problem. Here what am i not seeing. If it's a complete miss usage and a guy who's not no good flourish and that type of system as far as defensive style. But but when i see four and a half million in this market for a guy who has shriveled away from a playoff contender. There's got to be harsh art. I know but listen. This goes back to eighteen nineteen montreal since he got there. Okay eighty games fifty points hundred five calls. Okay fats. four and a half year before sixty eight games sixty one points. Twenty two goals. It's a bargain and this past year. Fifty games thirty points. He went ten and twenty. So i had his off year and they shriveled in playoffs. You know this is a good value at this point. He's still is showing that he can produce. Okay just had a little bit of an off year them off playoff where they didn't need them to want them and then berge thirty two. I thought he was the for some reason. But he's not What else Pittsburgh signs rv. Forward zach ashton reese one year one. Point seven to five mil Chicago science ford brand haggle. Three as four point five mill and other a restricted. Free agents looking at odd attrition. unless they come to a deal Names of note. Ross colton tampa bay andrew cop. Winnipeg neil peon winnipeg uc sorrows national. Probably the biggest name in the list. jacob rana on detroit. End akitas door of calgary of course hasn't played a game yet but he is their property. So you bring up andrew. Cobb we got to san baggers here. Like i mentioned the i was with. Were renske andrew cobb he. They both played at michigan together. And cop is a guy who biz. We're we're trying to eat this. We're driving to san bagger me merle's and biz. i think. I think this is the first age. And we've had bagger we hockey dm. He's more games. Played than i ever had last year at fifteen goals and he should be fucking making a nice day here pretty soon so he he's gone to arbitration once once already talking him and he might go. I don't wanna do it again. It's tough we've talked about this a bunch but small horn the shower boy from allegra with locker parable haircuts anything. They can draw coffee caught but his numbers man like merle. Morales was putnam to score. First goal this year right and he was he was a guy down. Everybody talks about their top. So here's a guy that was kind of going in and out of there and just like you put great. Things are happening every time he was on. He was starting off the game scoring all the time. And i'd bet one time no score the first goal like eighteen plus eighteen hundred or something he scores. I start doing the laps around room as competent. Offsides coaches is whole back. They unbelievable seventeenth complex game quite well of course like two nights later. He scores opening goal. When i when. I don't put any action on it and like who was off side. That's what he was asking me. I couldn't remember exactly who it was. it wasn't asking. I wonder i wonder if this is a player. When you're when you're at the table with the fucking in the management saying like remember that motherfucker went offside guy you signed a contract and it was should've been my goal. That happened to me. In two thousand seventeen. I came to cutting shubin good. And they call the back. And they didn't even have conclusive evidence. Cost me my gear. Sit around. I guess All right boys well. There's not much worse than looking for a job in the accompanying stress. The applications the ghosting monotony. Not fun. ziprecruiter knows that the general experience of looking for a job is pretty sake..

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