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Virus. We can test though its efficacy did drop against the South Africa variant on all of this is playing out as the CDC now projects next month, we will eclipse half a million American lives lost to Cove in 19. We already lost 90,000 this month alone. Benefits of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine include that it only requires one dose, as opposed to Madonna advisers to dose inoculations and that it can be stored in a regular refrigerator. Meanwhile, on the Cape Health officials say the state's vaccine rollout has made it difficult to get residents vaccinated. WBC's Tim done reports of ailments Town manager Julian Suso says the vaccine supply is low in the state is giving little notice and how much will be available and when for what he says is now a confusing process. Over in Sandwich officials say the town could not commit to covert vaccine clinics for its more than 2000 residents over the age of 75. Fire chief John Burke says the state supply isn't nearly enough amount of vaccines and we've been told by the state we're going to receive per week is 100. At that rate, he says it would take years to vaccinate the entire town, talking a year and a half two years at that drip rate of vaccines to vaccinate that subset population. Those problems stretch across the Cape. As Barnstable County says. In addition to a low vaccine supply, their help line is still being flooded by senior citizens confused and had a book an appointment. Him done. WBZ Boston's news radio as Chicago attempts to open kindergarten through eighth grade for in person learning. On Monday, there's still no deal between the public school District and the teachers Union. Chicago Teachers Union executive Board member Quentin Washington says it's not safe for teachers to return yet. Everybody wants to be back in the building. Nobody is saying don't go back to school. But what we are saying is doing faith. He accuses the schools of forcing school staff to choose their livelihood over their lives, saying thousands of workers lived with people who are at high risk. It's 2 21. When we predict the storm is on the way up. We need some scrapers. Probably one or two of those. We'll track the storms give you the latest time frame. So for the sidewalk and the impact on.

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