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And he gave it funding for three things one was to building incubator for girls building companies in their field was for the pipeline and one was for hiring women and underrepresented minorities and i was like as it is here we need more of how can women in silicon valley best have their voices heard and how can we bring men into the conversation sometimes i see there's like silent pockets of people having conversations but we want to be a collective and how can people in this room he wouldn't the ninety community people in tech announce tech how can we bring that conversation ford so first of all thank you as i said at the top to everyone who's here you know i am so grateful that people care about this and people want to make a difference and that's the first step and you know i do think that there is something cathartic about women being able to talk to other women and then being able to talk to other men and no i i i know that some men are feeling scared and attacked as a result and we do need to create safe spaces for everybody to be able to talk about this but we can't have these conversations separately we need women to be in this together and i do think there isn't amount of women speaking up that is important but it's not all on men and men can speak up to and you know we talk a lot about speaking up when you see something go wrong but you could also speak up when you see someone else getting interrupted or not getting an opportunity or maybe someone's being treated poorly and it can be so much easier for you as the bystander to say that's not cool or maybe we should do something different than for the victim to say hey ending man slain can you stop that.

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