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Mill howarth that only did last about a corner safe but sometimes even have to be enough to cause a decent pacifists jamie king and richard williams they were very very close to contact that was a little bit of a light on dementia nine volumes manages to keep up and will harass networks through the traffic is they both pursuit of darren under sent all trying to keep sam clouds and simon clouds nine and ten up for half a second separates them from each other so it's all very close in things but at the moment there is nothing to stop rowing tires ben bailey in second place and third at the moment i don't think he will change jamie king when it's still looking fantastic out of circuit six point six one six of a second is the gap between ryan tires ambanis they only have a lap and a half left to go but jamie king and their places giving it absolutely everything to ensure the richard williams does not come through and still a position right at the end of the race on a thing you're just if i happened but we do any have one left to go as basically make the way over the line in just moments time very very competitive stuff here brandin payroll is go of company behind them it's roy gaines those two absolutely neck and neck jamie king also holding on i think with a lap to go now he's done just enough to keep rich dollars behind them.

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