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Brett Miller, Nancy, Singapore discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


And the bank of japan has left its monetary policy unchanged says we were talking about and downgraded its assessment of inflation bloomberg's brett miller has the details it is falling further behind its global peas with the federal reserve increasing interest rates earlier this week and the european central bank laying up playing swing bond purchases the bj nancy's inflation in a range of zero point five to one percent down from around one percent previously economists have been pushing back their projections for any policy action by the j today's news will only increase that trend in tokyo brick mila bloomberg daybreak europe or let's say gauge some of the reaction now than to the bank of japan if there is any reaction wes goodman from the markets live team joins us out of singapore this morning so talk through the markets then on the back of the b o j decision what's the significance of the b o j downgrading its inflation assessments specifically good morning everyone yeah you know as far as the b o j goes really more of the same you know they've already downgraded their inflation outlook a bunch of times so people are honestly quite used to this kind of thing so it will give the j more reason to keep ten year yields zero but you know had mentioned earlier the the highlight here is that it creates a contrast with the fed and the ecb the fed of course rates this week and predicted more and said it's going to stop its bond purchases by the end of the year for central banks that are raising rates that tends to help their currencies and we're seeing that with the dollar this week big rally in the dollar and in the case of japan it's exactly the opposite the bond purchase a bound purchases can weaken again the janas down about four percents over the past three months against the greenback and so this is something that can continue to send the yen lower it was.

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Brett Miller, Nancy, Singapore discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

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