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The fifth twenty twenty run will return on Monday morning as we kind of break away from corona virus in protest a very sad and very a tragic story which has been unfolding for quite a few years the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal we're gonna get an update now and we joined fox's assignment and good morning Simon good morning so update us on the latest on the Madeleine McCann situation yes the reason this is back in the news is that police and in here in the U. K. and also in Germany have said that they have a suspect in this little girl's disappearance and just to remind people or maybe tell people for the first time because for a lot of people this would be potentially started never had if it's fifteen years since Madeleine McCann disappeared she was a British at go on vacation in Portugal with her family her parents went out to dinner one night while they were gone at the top left vanished and there's been no sign of her since this to say being left to join the police in trying to crack the case in all this time that's gone by there's been talk about possible citing this case Richter C. seven's publicity at the time that it leads to sightings in countries all around the world people say they thought they might have seen this this little girl but none of it ever come to anything and now there is this this potential breakthrough with with with the police officer saying that they're looking very seriously at a man with a history of child sex offenses who is currently in prison in Germany and Madeline's family have said that they believe this this new days while they're not putting too many hopes and they they're saying it's potentially very significant and there's because of the things we've read said that this this man was in the area in that town where she was abducted on that day and in two thousand seven yeah I mean the police have given a huge number of specifics about why they suspect that this man could be involved they've talked about how he's number phone number that he was using made Coles in the area around where the family was was staying still be around sort of around the time when and when when it when Madeleine went missing mass links to vehicles they think he was driving at the time that may have been spotted in the same area so there's plenty of indications about why they think that he might be responsible but at the same time they are urging people you might notice something to come forward and the reason for that I think they're doing that now is the university this is an old case so it's tricky yeah in the sense that this is not the immediate kind of evidence rather than might be normally but also they seem to think that maybe a legion says with a change to maybe somebody in two thousand and then when Madeleine vanished didn't come forward they did notice something that didn't come forward for whatever reason three farewell or whatever else but the police's saying that that this man is now in prison and they say that means it's a good opportunity for anybody who knows something to come forward and you know they say that there's been various kind of scary speculation leads down the years but the family's spokesperson Michael Clarence Mitchell speaks at an Madeleine's parents he said that he doesn't remember the police being quite so specific about the particular suspect at any point in the past and just one of the details and the we learned yesterday British police have always maintained as a missing persons inquiry they said that prison cell there is incontrovertible evidence of the country they consider that Madeleine could possibly however unlikely it may seem to still be alive she B. seventeen now German prosecutors said yesterday that they believe that Madeleine is dead and they are treating this as a murder inquiry and when you talked about he him being in the German prison for the the other charges there's talk that he's appealing that charge and they want to make sure they're free day that he doesn't get out because obviously being a suspect in Madeline's yeah I mean German M. prosecutors do things a little differently to other countries in that when you have a suspect in the case they don't give their full name out so we don't actually know this man's identity officially they have said that he has a fairly lengthy track record for child sex offenses it's actually being reported that that's not what he's imprisoned for the moment it did there was a recall Hey yes it is it is actually serving a prison term full the rape of an American woman in Portugal and and and so that's why he's currently in custody but yes I mean that might explain why they're putting that information out now because it sounds like he's been on their radar for some time and so if there is the suggestion that his case is going to be up to some kind of review or we could be looking at getting out of prison they want to try and push this while they still have been in custody while he is still called it a surprise and to make the most of that bandage all right sad story Simon elements fox news thank you so much for that update seven twenty traffic.

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