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Sentiment amongst so you're not going to go to these events most people can tell their stories most people i know in the west side vote democrat and most people on the west side can't stand this stuff because this this is not a political issue this is like a basic hygiene charlie of life yeah yeah and people pay so much money to live in these neighborhoods to separate themselves from it they all want to separate they don't want they want to be bothered with these problems and they feel like they pay their normally boned when it comes to taxes so they they they paid their share they're already paid the tax money for the stupid wasteful programs that don't work don't come in then don't come and tell them that oh well you gotta accept the in your hair it's like no way that's a deal breaker and they're going to war and bonded his hearing it bonding is getting his head beaten by all the wealthy people on the west side is they're fed up there paying enormous taxes they look we paid your program is supposed to get rid of these people get rid of these people meanwhile up in sacramento with the mayor up there is none other than darrell steinberg who used to run the state senate they suffered a setback from judge they actually i find it hard to believe they passed an ordinance that was not going allow the vagrants to solicit within thirty feet of atm's or banks driveway entrances to businesses or near bus stops and it was approved but a judge a federal judge struck it down a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the ordinance a suit was brought by a homeless activist by the name of james lee fago clark who said this keeps him from soliciting for donations outside these sacramento natural foods go up so god doesn't it sound like smelly people would stand outside that he said i just want astral foods co uk what the hell is that i just want to sit there and hold my sign peacefully i didn't bother anybody trying to get some food for the day you can't stop me from because he would violate the distance visit natural foods co op i know you're the nutty vague and your smoking they're all everybody is writing natural foods what are people bringing their own food from their own garden to sell it it could be that or just could be going to going to a whole foods type of place they want you know that it's not about corporate profits all the employees here together work hard a piece of the ownership and you're not gonna go after you what a bunch of headaches they must be good john and ken show kfi food is never marcus is a fast moving fire in the san bernardino mountains near forest falls.

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