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Trust the K. of B. Kate afternoon news continue news ninety three point one of the U. K. it's five forty and we're gonna get some traffic and weather to gather for you so let's start things off in our traffic center with Dana has come to the right place yeah do I save Mart and down ten of the split is you're looking about ninety minutes he's down cap city as always just slammed in midtown split out to Roseville is now at fourteen minutes if you coming the other way it is really heavy through the Roseville area at this time Dan had elk Grove twenty six minutes southbound I. five eighteen minutes on ninety nine a hand going full swing mile of thirty minute drive there SO about average for this time of day was not by the way it's going to be slow and go as you come in from how I have it all the way downtown which by the way downtown but if you going out northbound I. five from downtown it's about eighteen minutes at this point to get very heavy traffic coming out of woodland two of county what one or two or all past because of the tally accident working out there and and had a Davis westbound eighty ten minutes say Marvel always help you express your true love for food this week Angus beef boneless rib eye steak just six ninety nine a pound in the Max pack celebrate the food you love it say mark valley fresh valley made valley proud traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Dana has news ninety three point one KVK for tonight partly cloudy and chilly with a low thirty nine tomorrow periods of clouds and sun of the high sixty seven Sunday times of sun and clouds of high sixty seven I'm accu weather's Gregory Patrick news and a three point one KFBK sixty.

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