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The skies above the finely. Manicured blades of grasping their feet. Today's guests knows how important it is to get the forecast right for the PGA tour were sitting down with BTM's lead senior meteorologist, Stuart Williams, who has spent the last twenty years, providing forecasts for the PGA tour and it's world renowned golfers while the players have their own game plan, mother nature. Sometimes has her own plan as well. We'll discover how simple wind shift or a wilted blade of graph can make a huge impact on course conditions. Plus, when severe weather threatens will get an inside look into the decision making process that helps keep golfers and people safe. Thank you for joining us on the weather geeks podcast. I'm Dr Marshall shepherd Stuart thank you for joining us takes forever. Yes, it's been a pleasure. I'm a golfer, and I was certainly watching the masters and I just want to first of all a out anyone that was involved in the weather decisions. Assoc. Hit with a masters golf tournament because I thought it was brilliant. And I just wanted to get you on whether geeks to talk about the process by which meteorologist works with the PGA tour where did you get into all of that on the on the podcast? But before we do that, Stewart, lemme tell tell the listeners a little bit about, you gotta be s and applied science with an emphasis in meteorology from UNC ashville, your promoted to lead senior meteorologist at DT in which stands for data transmission network in two thousand twelve I found this interesting. Your first job was with a startup called mobile weather, or is it mobile weather you work five tournaments the first year. I is it mobile Alabama? Or is it mobile mobile as mobile weather? So wanna hear all about that? You twenty years experiences an onsite meteorologist, but.

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