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We newsradio close up that sounds like a cool thing to do tomorrow thank you Jerry for that eight forty five time for sports now Conor Shreve is in for Mike race after the Broncos second preseason game Connor the Broncos lose to the Seahawks in preseason game number two head coach Vic Fangio talking after the game about how some of the guys lower down on the depth chart or playing for their lives right now in a lot of those guys that are playing in the second half for both teams you don't have to make the team as back up service or role players and there's obviously were better than ours in the second half and they were coach better than we were in the second half and we did get a much longer look at rookie quarterback drew lock and Russ lock looks right throws right in the flat this is part of what the needs are with the Denver touchdown is devote the Jackson analyst David Treadwell says lock relaxed in his second NFL game Seattle beat stammer twenty two to fourteen Broncos have more than a week now to prepare for San Francisco at home on Monday night everybody is working out the Kinks when it comes to the pre season right for pro for that look to the LA Chargers Arizona Cardinals game on one play in the second quarter the Chargers commit for penalties three holding and one unsportsmanlike conduct officials may be icing their shoulders this morning and a baseball the Rockies now eleven games under five hundred after sloppy defense leads to a nine three defeat in San Diego one bright spot for the Rockies here in the second half is been Daniel Murphy and he continued his torrid hitting to give the Rockies an early lead Lauer's pitch curve ball hitting the right field for a basic he gets away the space is it down and Murphy will hold its second but it's an RBI single to out for the Rockies one to nothing San Diego broke a three three tie in the sixth and never looked back John gray giving up seven runs only three of them were burned on his record over five and two thirds innings to take the loss the two teams back at it again tonight first pitch set for eight ten PM our coverage begins at seven thirty and U. S. soccer federation hiring to Washington lobbying firms to push back against claims that it pays the women's national team less than half of what it pays the men's team the women's players filed a lawsuit back in March claiming that under the previous contract a player on the women's team could have earned in a year as little as thirty eight percent of what a men's team player made men's and women's national teams are paid under collective bargaining agreements that they agreed to with USA soccer the men are paid under a bonus structure well the women are guaranteed.

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