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Doesn't he sound handsome mm-hmm so let me tell you what i wore today sixteen degrees i started out with a pair of bora thermal flee z. bieb knickers smart will thin socks troy lee designs like wild psychedelic fluorescent laurus in i think they're acrylics i don't even know if they're supposed to be warm and wolf emerson on the feet the new boa wolf hammers with chemical toe warmers stuck to the stuck to the base now let's just let's remind you take let's return to that toe warmer thing at the end here so what else did so i had on old man winter bond trigger pants which i'm testing hula so nice i had on a forty five north short sleeve merino wool t-shirt that i'm also testing very ni- santos all reasonable like sixty bucks on top of that i had a will listrik will jersey by dirt raglan on top of that i had a revelation designs win proof fleecy top with a with a snorkel hood that actually can go over your helmet on the helmet i had a ibex wooly hat guy were you on fire what he does stand i'm back and i'm typing on lead fleas i had on a six eight six specialized you know windjacket with thousand pockets and another that would is articulated big enough to go over your your helmet but because i had wind proof fleece over eight i was like and it actually is very breathable material that designed anything so that's what i had on today and that is you have to take all of it off five miles in he'll know forgotten gloves i knew showers showers pass knit knit waterproof gloves it's a it's a layer of knit a breathable showers showers tax okay yeah i've she's picture of the kid goes out the school bus mess him up at his arm straight picked it doesn't look like now now i think i'm wearing so much smaller sizes i could actually start building on top of that of all the larger sized of i have i haven't even like any really just that fleece is the only installation level maybe the maybe the other jurors and everything else one question i have is they make amends knickers you've heard you've heard of capri pants are.

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