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It would be bad for them in a lot of ways right so business. Eh governments make a lot of money and taxes in other ways <hes> that i won't get into a method moments <hes> but it's a topic that i enjoyed talking about and like you said that's almost almost another podcast in itself. Yeah you're right joe. It's a there's a lot we could go over on that subject and we'll have to do at some point because i like doing it as well going back to kind of the purpose of like highlighting you in this podcast. Tim is <hes>. Let's let's give the audience a little bit of things to to kind of to oversee or at least you know. Give them some insight into what that ta group that you and i are going to be doing on that small small audience that you guys are put in that group. What is it like. What would you say is your number one priority as far as you know the knowledge that you're going to be sharing well. I want these people. They come a lot of these. People are coming into this group. Some of them have bearing knowledge and <hes> <hes> you know they're but they're still basically beginners. That have no idea how to read h._r. Properly and that's what my goal is is when they leave this class. I want them to be able to look at a chart with confidence and understand that what they're doing is what other traders are doing. What it's all about. It's like to me trading is like like a pack animal kind of thing where for everybody does basically the same thing and we come to the same results and that's why trading works because it's a self fulfilling prophecy and <hes> you know i want these people to understand dan that when they look at a chart they need to be able to identify a trend be able to throw him a nazi on there and be confident what they did feminine auntie through on there is right. You know a lot of people ask me. That is my fibonacci place right or you know what i mean. I want them to be able to be confident that they did it right. You know i think another good point that that i should make here is that this is all still so fresh on your mind you know if you've been trading for six years and you're going wanna teach new person you might be a great teacher may be very natural for that person to be able to explain to a new person but a lot of really good traders. They never went a lot of them. Don't have time to help you and number two when they do help you. They may have forgotten what those early obstacles may have been and they they may forget that this is important or the way that these things need to be explained is so so much more simplistic them. You're explaining it <hes> or that. You're missing something completely altogether right and i think with your experience and how recent is and your success you know that this is something that that will come very natural and easy for you because that's what's been on the forefront of your mind from day one correct i guess fresh on my mind joe love sharing the knowledge i have have so far and <hes> you know have enough knowledge to teach people enough to get them on chart and have a little confidence so <hes> with with ben in my back but i had a lot more experience than me so we're making a good team and we're gonna make a good course and <hes>. Hopefully i plan on doing this more than once so i know that a lot of people were kinda bummed out. They didn't make the first class but i mean we will likely do this again. We're trying to make content that we can share over and over. You know what i mean so <hes> don't <hes> don't tread don't be upset. You will get your chance pressure man and as we wind down this giveaway for the bitcoin radio <hes> <hes> launch you know it's been really special to me that the support that i've had from the community i know that we both share that same sentiment because you're dealing with a a lot of the support that you've gotten and it really motivates you. So <hes> i appreciate you coming on and helping support meantime. You've always been one of the <hes> the the people several of you of course. I don't wanna leave any out but you've definitely in that group. That's always had my back in been encouraging for me to do this because sometimes the same way that you don't realize why. Are you doing this kind of the reason why you know i have some more thoughts. I don't know if i'm really that good at what i do right. I have a lot of confidence at this point and i will admit podcast very different than just do my videos in front of the audience that i'm so oh comfortable with and and know how to entertain and also i feel like half my half my values just watching me look like a fool. I'm video. You know it's fun <hes> but nevertheless man. I can relate played a lot with you tim well. I never miss your lives joe. You are a good you're good. You're good on camera. I appreciate that and also it. I'll even goes far to say like you know that's. That's something that i know for a fact that i wasn't always good at doing. I wasn't always great at that and you know. I just had to do it right and it's the same thing that you had to do. You had to just get out and do it. Start taking it more seriously and start preparing yourself and you did matt and the success that you gained from that. Tim is not just as irving. I can't think of a better person to to to be doing how you're doing. It like you're the only person i've ever seen in my life and i'll even go as far as to say this house. Has there ever been anybody starting brand. New you like the way that you have and i still consider you brand new to the big the big picture here <hes> end up being the number one author bitcoin and trading view. You know i don't know anybody somebody joe. I i get kinda. I don't like to brag but you know. I did go to number one pretty quick and it was a humbling doing just see my name that high and you. You're the first person to admit you're not number one because you know exactly what you're doing. I think i think you <hes> you kind of pegged at your. You know your number one because you care right. I think people pick up on that and you know also my analysis is a really genuine in a way so. I think that they appreciate appreciate the way i describe the charts and you know it's just it's developed a good following so i'm very implicit and i'm. I'm happy to see where this goes absolutely do all right so i'm gonna wind it down from here tim. Let's let's make sure we end though and and you can tell everybody where to find you. Okay yeah you so you can follow me on facebook <unk> tempest t- i._m. P._a._c. and <hes> or you can follow me on trading view. It's heisenberg b._t._c. so if you want to follow me on trading that's where most of my followers are also on twitter. You can follow me at ten thirty. That's my handle. No underscores no anything you think no no ten thirty on twitter you know the cool thing about tim basis twitter. Is that all his trading view charts. They actually get posted it to twitter. He's got. He's got got a saint up so i followed him on. There and i'm very grateful makes it easy for me to know kinda. Get alert when ten posts so. I can go see what he's doing next. You know even though i see it on facebook to see it in all areas but i also support you to tim. I appreciate that joe yeah. I post to charter d._n._c. c._t. That's my sometimes more sometimes more yeah man. I'm really grateful for that to who tim i know the community appreciates it all right anyways tim. Thanks a lot for coming on bitcoin radio. It means a lot that you're listening. I hope you really enjoyed today's podcast. It means a lot to me to have. Have someone like tim. Come on as i've said before he's a friend he's been instrumental to some of the recent success of c. c. t. he's poured heart and soul and he does it for free. He does it because he cares. He wants bitcoin to be successful. He wants to be successful. Some people argued people folks and you're and you're listening tempests. Who's one of those people tam. Thanks again man. Hey it was great being on his show joe dude. It's my pleasure. It'll happen again. We're following you closely tam and can't wait to see what happens next. I look forward to be on again absolutely all right the radio they scan. We'll see you next time. This is where bitcoin lives. Don't forget it mash that subscribe button. If you haven't yet we will do this again. Sir.

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