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And komonews dot com president trump is taking credit for the warming of relations between north and south korea as he prepares for his upcoming summit with the north korean leader komo's charlie harder talked with the university of washington professor about the historic talks observers say the summit between the leaders of north and south korea was nothing short of historic but is peace at hand on the korean peninsula professor clark sorensen is with the university of washington's jackson school of international studies each joins us on the komo news line clark follow the korea's extensively what was going through your mind thursday when you saw kim jong un crossed the border into south korea it was amazing moment first time a north korean leader actually crossed into thout greece in the korean war and so we have this happening i it seems like it is a big deal one expert on cnn was seeing earlier there have been similar summits over the years over the past sixty five years i is that true and if so is this one that much different there have been this is the third summit that i can think and in fact in their statement that they published after the summit they referred to the two other one so there was one in two thousand with president kim dae tune with one in two thousand seven with president elmo can but the interesting thing was that both of those times the south korean leader traveled to pyongyang and the first time that the north korean leader madame halfway clark kim jong un is not a nice person by any measure can he beat frosted in these negotiations well no it's always trust but verify so that's the way you have to go in i mean you have to you have to assume a certain amount of truthfulness to them to even get to negotiations but you can't take at face value we hear the.

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