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Let's go around the room. Wanna What's your good? My good was the performance. I said this earlier in the show today of the last 7 to 10 days, I thought the most Impressive performance. I saw an any sport in any level was what I saw Justin Fields do in the Buckeyes trouncing of the clubs and Tiger's eye. He did what he did with what looked to be a really serious injury. 22 of 28 3 85 6 touchdowns. Good throw an interception but was an unbelievable performer under difficult circumstances as he got hit early in the game, and you could tell he was in pain. Just it was tremendous and I have not been I have been a skeptic of his earlier this year. I thought he played poorly against Indiana. I tip my cap to Northwestern's defense. That kind of kept him in check. He did not have his best receiver, I guess in the big 10 championship game, and that kid changes things, but the Wildcats did a very good job. Keeping him in check. But his performance against Clemson was worthy of my good for the past. And 10. Plus, Yeah, they were a machine weren't there meaning pretty incredible. I'm excited for the national championship game. My good as to do with the Cubs Broadcasting position. Now, The Marquis loss is our gain. Because we have Len KASPER now doing White Sox games and remember where your new home for all White Sox games coming up and going forward, and Len is now the radio voice of the White Sox. But as a Cubs fan, I had a huge interest. And figuring out who's going to be the next voice of the Cubs on television, and I got a little worried about Chris Myers. Chris Byers. Nice seems nice. You know, whenever every now and then fax came fine, I don't want him for 100 plus Cubs games. He's not a baseball announcer. My book. I gave them a couple of names and one of the names I gave them was booed. Sham be our buddy John. Sham Be someone you here on ESPN someone You here on this radio show And wouldn't you know it Mark? He did it and book is a great already great established. Announcer. He is knowledgeable. He's opinionated. He's great at his job. And now is a Cubs fan in an off season that has socked and that's in all caps. Waddle it has socked. This is the first bit of good news here that I've got. Maybe the change in counter helps here but boob Sham B is the new voice of the cubs that was announced today. We're gonna have him on tomorrow at four o'clock. What's your good Abdallah? My good is the other playoff game. Obviously. Alabama beats up on Notre Dame, but Devante Smith seven receptions 130 yards, three touchdowns. He is most likely going to win the Heisman Trophy tomorrow night after having 105 receptions 16 over 1600 yards, 20 receiving touchdown. And I ask you a question that may sound silly at this point. I love him and he is so dynamic so fast. I worry that he is so narrow that when he steps up to the next level, he's gotta gain £10 and he said, without jeopardizing some of that ridiculous speed doesn't either like when he He's like 611 75. Yeah, he's the he's six years. Exactly 611 75. I mean, I just fear that when he gets to the next level He's gonna have to put on some way to maintain his ability to handle some of the heads. He probably I think he probably will, but they've they've had a There's a few really thin wide receiver. I mean, Odell Beckham Jr is pretty thin, too. He's got have you seen his legs? He's not really skinny legs. I know. But like that's my Listen. I'm I'm nit pick and right here on because I think he's going to be an outstanding pro. I just can. I think he's a guy that if he can put £10 of muscle on, he'll be even like Hard to believe he could be better. But he will be husband tomorrow night, and that's that's my good. Did you see Jalen Waddle practiced? Did see Jalen Little practice today, and I don't know. I've got mixed up. Mixed feelings about that. If he is anything less than 100%, he should not play because he will jeopardize his health and his draft stock this wait a minute. I thought Green was saying football players play well, yeah, but he's also got he's but look, I'm the Alabama fan, and I don't I would say Go get your money, kid like if you're not 100% if you're coming back in your 75% First of all, I don't want you out there. Second of all, Don't don't ruin your money like yet is one game, but I know it's a championship game, but go get your money, kid. Come on Black. What's your good? I've got my good but also next Tuesday after Alabama wins the title. Can we have the conversation? Best college football team ever, possibly sure. Best Alabama team ever. Abdal. It's something I ask you a couple weeks ago. Jean Harris is probably there. See? Statistically, there's still running that whichever they probably have their best positions. Plainly on Lian SEC conference schedule, and they blew through that they might be the best team we've ever seen. Gotta get past a mild state first. Don't do that. No, no, that's the bait and switch deal. I don't know where the best running back in the best quarterback in by four touchdown and I've seen their defense play against mobile quarterbacks. Quarterbacks. I can actually score. Yeah. Eyes that my God, is that Lou Holtz back there? Yeah, I know. Right? It's seen s O b. My God. It burns my back burns. Oh, Dick burns right behind me, Okay?.

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