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The flood inundation maps and the tools to make sure you know whether or not you need to evacuate the pearls expected to crest by midday tomorrow to its highest level since nineteen eighty three a state of emergency was declared yesterday to amass the resources necessary to cope with the anticipated flooding mainland China reporting a slight upturn in new virus cases in an increased by one hundred five and deaths caused by a coronavirus the new cases now two thousand forty eight and another ten thousand eight hundred forty four recovered from the cold at nineteen and been discharged from hospitals meanwhile in New York couple quarantine on a cruise ship full of patients in Japan of come down with a corona virus or scared yet grateful to finally be coming home Cheryl in Palmer Leschi from Syracuse are part of a group of about four hundred Americans on the diamond princess being evacuated two US Air Force bases they've been on the ship twenty seven days and stayed in their cabin nonstop for almost two weeks it will have to spend another two weeks in quarantine in the US before finally going home but say it's better than being on the ship we're nearly four hundred have been confirmed with a corona virus little bit scary with the numbers so far Japan is recorded one corona virus death I'm Julie Walker check out more news read more analysis both at town hall dot com I'm Rhonda roster lasting okay furry fact we look to them for answers for inspiration we will make.

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