Utah, Owens, Gov. Burgess discussed on Radio From Hell


Yourself and find your path to something different. Find the hottest jobs available at jobs dot Utah dot Gov. Burgess. Owens is running to represent us in Congress. But his records Utahns run in the other direction only said he'd repeal our healthcare throwing over 200,000, Utah residents off their healthcare and ending healthcare protections for people with pre existing conditions like asthma or cancer. And while Utah families are still suffering from increased cancer rates do two decades of nuclear testing in the back. No one's called for restarting nuclear testing. That's right, Owen said. He absolutely supported it. But that's not all. Owens has a decades long history of bad judgment filing for bankruptcy six times across multiple states and hundreds of thousands in unpaid taxes. Record is clear. Utah should run from Burgess. Horns paid for by house majority. Pack the house with Jordan back dot com not authorized candidate.

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