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The service opened with a rendition of, the, navy him followed by an emotional tribute from McCain's daughter Megan we gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness The real thing not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly former presidents Barack Obama and, George W, Bush. Are among those also paying tribute McCain will be laid. To rest tomorrow in a, private ceremony at the US naval. Academy in Annapolis, Windsor Johnston, NPR news Washington the UN has a new High, Commissioner, for human rights the former president of Chile Michelle Bachelet takes the helm. Today the BBC's Candice Piet reports bachelor has personal experience with some, of the, issues Michelle bachelor as not expected to shy away, from confronting hard issues trained pediatrician. She's the daughter of a general who opposed military rule under Augusta Pena chain the seventy. S she and her mother were detained tortured and interrogated for several weeks she brings with her the. Resilience, of having served in high office and the personal experience Having been a victim herself the BBC's Candice Piet. Lawmakers in California are sending news sending new net neutrality rules to governor Jerry Brown's desk for his signature after they passed a Bill yesterday to prevent internet service providers from favoring certain websites over others NPR's James, Dubec reports, advocates. Say they're the strongest net neutrality protections in the country. Democrats Scott Weiner who co, wrote the Bill said net neutrality. Is important for, activists and, small businesses vis Isabelle a level playing field an, internet, where we as individuals against the side where we go on the internet. The measure stops internet providers like Comcast in AT and t. from, blocking slowing, down or speeding up access to certain websites but, the industry called the Bill heavy-handed. Saying the internet needs one national policy instead of state-by-state approaches California Democrats portrayed the legislation As. A rebuke of President Trump earlier this year the FCC repealed. Net neutrality rules imposed under the Obama administration California's governor hasn't said if you'll sign the Bill James Dubec NPR news this is NPR from k. q. e. news I'm Tiffany Cam high to landmark criminal Justice reform bills were. Approved by the state legislature. Yesterday one Bill will give the public access to records. Of, investigations that involve police misuse of force including police. Shootings sexual assault or being dishonest on the job if, signed by the governor, this Bill would undo California's legacy of keeping police records private another proposal make sure, the public has access to, bodycam video in officer involved shootings kinky weedays Marie Salah goes has been following this and Marita. Advocates have tried for years to get lawmakers, to take on, criminal Justice reform without much success but. It seems like there's been Attitude adjustment yeah we've really seen voters through the proposition process really embracing pretty, ambitious criminal Justice reform that lawmakers are kind of starting. To get the memo I'm they've passed bail reform that was already signed they eliminated. The felony murder rule which lets you charge people with crimes student didn't actually commit the murder they have, passed and sent to the governor a couple bills around juvenile. Justice making it harder essentially to prosecute kids and, so I, think that. There's a real sort of see change happening. Where there's just less fear among the legislature to put themselves out there and pass these bills. And law enforcement groups were able to kill some bills but you say police associations have also, gotten that memo, that criminal, Justice reform is important to voters. I mean perhaps I think. What they're doing is sort of hedging their bets when you have a, slew of dozen bills and you hate one of them a lot and, you, are sort. Of not that keen on another you decide which ones to target and sort of where where to leverage your power and so we did. See again the felony murder rule And. Things like that changed this year and I do think that law enforcement kind of deciding where to put their political power had a big thing to do with that that was MAURICE logos will tweet out a link to. Her story were at cake.

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