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He'll get he'll send him freaking mug that just so personalized that they'll literally start crying. It's amazing. This guy's got a gift for it. And he's really sly about it. He'll send for example, sent my wife a knife. That had a quote on it that I said in one of my shows, and she's keeps it, and she's always asking how is and I was like I see your angle here. John Ruslan, and he's got a whole book about it. We did a really in depth interview about this about gifting something I never thought I'd be interested in but for businesses just absolute magic ninja stuff. Awesome. Awesome guys. Go take a listen to this episode on the Jordan harbinger show. I'm gonna put a link in the show notes as well. And that's John Ruslan spelled R U H L I N, Jordan. Thanks so much, brother. Thank you. Mr. Hal Elrod. Welcome back to the podcast, my friend, Mike d my friend, and we say, my friend. It's not just like we're Facebook friends like hang out with you our kids go to school together. I go on the go on the boat together. Like, legit, friends, man. I actually. We've got a we've got a fun summer coming up ahead of us. I can't wait. Yeah. Me do. Yeah. Austin weather is the summers finally convinced yet. Yeah. Absolutely. So glad to have you back on the show you've been here you've been here once before to share your unbelievable story. So if you haven't heard that yet guys go over to Mike, Dillard dot com, hit the podcast page into a search for how Elrod and make sure listened that first episode many of you guys know how as the author of the miracle morning book, which is sold millions of copies around the world. It's really become a movement helping people turn their morning routines into one that really changes their lives and transform their lives. Even if you're not a morning routine person. But that's not what you hear about. Today. Your today 'cause you've got a brand new book the miracle equation. The two decisions that move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable. And I've already heard some fantastic stuff about this book, man, the battle. Interestingly enough, the miracle quesion as a concept is something that I came up with in my own life six years before the miracle morning. So even though this book follows up the miracle morning in some ways, it's the prequel. But in many ways, it really is the follow up in what I mean by that is chronologically it came before the miracle morning concept as thing that changed my life. However, if the way that I kind of separate these two books is the miracle morning gives you a practice for personal development. And when I created it as a practice, not as a book, it was how do I create the ultimate personal development ritual? So that I can accelerate who I'm becoming I can quickly develop myself into the person that is qualified capable and deserving of creating what I want for my life through personal development. Right. So that's very foundational. Jim Rohn kind of principle that your level of success is always in parallel to your level of personal development. However, I think that. Many of us can relate to the following. And that is that we become what I call personal development junkies. Which is where we get addicted to personal development, and we actually chased Hawes, and you could probably relate to this. Right. We're we've all been guilty. You know, you read a book, you're reading it. You're going. Oh my God. That's brilliant. Oh, wow. This. Oh, my wow, that's revolutionary. That's gonna change my life. And then when when you finish reading that life changing revolutionary, I opening book most people right personal development junkies, which I'm guilty of we then all we do is start another book you go out. And that was a great one. I've got this next this one on my shelf, and this one this is really the area got to improve. And we keep going from book to book to book, however, personal development isn't enough to move your biggest goals and dreams from possible to inevitable..

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